Arabs Denounce West Bank Attack .
Mar 29th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Arabs Denounce West Bank Attack. Palestinian refugees burned tires and clashed with police in several cities Friday, protesting Israel's assault on Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, which Arab leaders denounced as a rejection of their new collective call for peace. [AP World News]

The ironic thing here is that burning tires and clashing with police is unusually civilized behavior for Palestinians. Who know, maybe if Arafat is killed they'll be driven to Ghandi-style peaceful resistance?

PDA Handwriting System Released .
Mar 29th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

PDA Hand­writ­ing Sys­tem Released. Con­nects sheet of paper to device [all­Net­De­vices Wire­less News]

The device is for Palm and Pock­et­PC, and will cost $99. Of course, it would be sim­pler to just by New­ton Mes­sagePad 2100 for about $150, thus sav­ing lots of mon­ey over­all and wind­ing up with the best PDA on the mar­ket.

Bush signs campaign finance bill .
Mar 27th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Bush signs cam­paign finance bill. US Pres­i­dent George W Bush has signed into law a bill that lim­its the
fund­ing of polit­i­cal cam­paigns. [BBC News: world]

The Incum­bent Pro­tec­tion Act would go into effect after the Novem­ber elec­tion, which will hope­ful­ly give enough time for the Supreme Court to over­turn it before the next fol­low­ing elec­tion.

Palestinians Walk Out at Summit .
Mar 27th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Palestinians Walk Out at Summit. Angry Palestinian delegates walked out of an Arab summit session Wednesday after Lebanon prevented Yasser Arafat from addressing the conference live via satellite link from his besieged headquarters in the West Bank. [AP World News]

Here's an explanation of why Lebanon blocked the speech. It's almost funny, in a scary sort of way. I feel sorry for the diplomats who have to take those nutcases seriously.

Lumber: A 29 Percent Tax .
Mar 27th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Lumber: A 29 Percent Tax. American softwood lumber producers are the latest sob story.

Handspring to raise stand-alone Treo price by $50 [ ] This will make the price $600, which is ridiculously high.
Mar 27th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Hand­spring to raise stand-alone Treo price by $50 []

This will make the price $600, which is ridicu­lous­ly high. I have one of these for test­ing at work, and I’m not impressed. It replaces the Grafit­ti area of a nor­mal palm with a QWERTY key­board about the size of three postage stamps, and the phone aspect is noth­ing spe­cial. In addi­tion, I con­sid­er the idea of a com­bi­na­tion PDA/phone basi­cal­ly flawed, because these are two dif­fer­ent func­tions which peo­ple will need to use at the same time.

If some­one wants a Palm device and a phone, they’d be bet­ter off buy­ing a reg­u­lar Palm mod­el for around $150–200, and get­ting a cell phone for anoth­er $100.

Arabs set conditions for Mid-East peace .
Mar 27th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Arabs set con­di­tions for Mid-East peace. Sau­di Ara­bia unveils its peace plan for the Mid­dle East at an Arab
sum­mit, but Pales­tini­ans walk out after Yass­er Arafat’s speech is
barred. [BBC News: world]

The arti­cle doesn’t men­tion any­thing about why Lebanon (where the sum­mit is being held) blocked the speech. I’m rather curi­ous as to the rea­son.

Gun control laws have failed once more .
Mar 26th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Gun con­trol laws have failed once more. For your infor­ma­tion, more than 1 mil­lion Ger­man and oth­er Euro­pean chil­dren were killed in Hitler’s con­cen­tra­tion camps because their fam­i­lies had giv­en up their firearms — and thus their abil­i­ty to defend them­selves against gov­ern­ment tyran­ny — by obey­ing vic­tim dis­ar­ma­ment (‘gun con­trol’) laws very much like the ones you’d like to see imposed here. …

When the tiny num­ber of chil­dren who die in gun acci­dents or due to the mis­be­hav­ior of mad­men in the free world begins to equal that num­ber — after sub­tract­ing the num­ber of chil­dren saved from such mad­men when law-abiding civil­ians show up to the res­cue with their firearms, as in the famous recent case in Pearl, Miss. — you be sure and let me know … where­upon I’ll advise you of how many chil­dren died thanks to the kind of ‘gun con­trol’ that fills your wet dreams, in Stalin’s USSR, in Mao’s Red Chi­na, and in Pol Pot’s Cam­bo­dia. []

A good response to the igno­ra­mus­es who pro­mote gun con­trol “for the chil­dren.”

QuickTime video on your PDA [ ] Hopefully this will support PocketPC PDAs.
Mar 24th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Quick­Time video on your PDA []

Hope­ful­ly this will sup­port Pock­et­PC PDAs. They have the best hard­ware of any cur­rent PDA, but are stuck with Win­dows Media Play­er at present.

I’ve finally made some significant progress in my quest to use my stock options.
Mar 22nd, 2002 by Ken Hagler

I’ve final­ly made some sig­nif­i­cant progress in my quest to use my stock options. After a great deal of bureau­crat­ic has­sle, includ­ing fill­out out forms and send­ing them via snail mail, I final­ly got an e-trade Option­sLink account set up. The process was very con­fus­ing and required a call to their help line (and a very rude sup­port per­son) because the nec­es­sary user ID and pass­word had not been sent. I think it’s safe to say that once I final­ly do get my options dis­posed of, I will nev­er have any­thing to do with e-trade again.

The has­sle has been so extreme that if Syman­tec said to me, “we’ll pay you $1000 to give up your options,” I would prob­a­bly take it. I won­der if they make it this hard delib­er­ate­ly. After all, it must cost the com­pa­ny some­thing when peo­ple use their options, so if they can dis­cour­age peo­ple from using them by mak­ing it too much of a pain, they save mon­ey.

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