Photo Purports to Show Baby Bomber .
Jun 28th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Photo Purports to Show Baby Bomber. Israel's army released a photograph purporting to show a Palestinian baby dressed like a suicide bomber with ammunition belts and explosives strapped to its body and a head band of the Islamic militant group Hamas. [AP World News]

Despite the use of "purports" in the title, the article says that even the Palestinians believe it's real. This picture is something to keep in mind any time some politician from America or Europe talks about peace with the Palestinians as a possibility. I doubt if even the Germans ever dressed their babies as concentration camp guards.

A Treatise on Marxism-Leninism: Marx’s Later Days .
Jun 27th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

A Trea­tise on Marxism-Leninism: Marx’s Lat­er Days. With Marx’s ear­ly days behind us, it is now time to turn to his lat­er days. For those who were wait­ing until we could meet Engels, your wait is over. Sec­tion One: Fore­word and Chap­ter I []

The con­tin­u­a­tion of the ear­li­er joke biog­ra­phy of Karl Marx. Com­plete with nasty com­ments from Com­mu­nists with no sense of humour.

Free Samuel Waksal .
Jun 26th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Free Samuel Wak­sal. Poor Samuel Wak­sal. Back in Decem­ber, the Food and Drug Admin­is­tra­tion struck a grave blow to his com­pa­ny, ImClone Sys­tems, by deny­ing it the right to mar­ket a poten­tial can­cer treat­ment it had devel­oped.

Then two weeks ago the FBI arrest­ed him (and the Secu­ri­ties and Exchange Com­mis­sion sued him) for let­ting rel­a­tives know about the FDA

Our friends the Saudis hold American women hostage, and the State Department shrugs. [ OpinionJournal ] This is another example of the government’s ha
Jun 26th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Our friends the Saud­is hold Amer­i­can women hostage, and the State Depart­ment shrugs. [Opin­ion­Jour­nal]

This is anoth­er exam­ple of the government’s habit of bend­ing over back­wards for coun­tries which are open­ly hos­tile to us. Sau­di Ara­bia is an ene­my which spon­sors ter­ror­ism, just as Pak­istan is an ene­my which cre­at­ed the Tal­iban.

Be Inc.
Jun 25th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Be Inc. com­pletes takeover of Palm.. The Reg­is­ter: Be Inc. com­pletes takeover of Palm. [Hack the Plan­et]

The “takeover” in ques­tion is basi­cal­ly the same sort of thing that hap­pened when NeXT, Inc. took over Apple. Hope­ful­ly the end result will be bet­ter for Palm.

Fabien Petitcolas: MP3 steganographic tool . 

Fabi­en Petit­co­las: MP3 stegano­graph­ic tool [Script­ing News]

It’s Windows-only, no Mac ver­sion. Still, it’s a good idea.

Arafat: Bush Is Not Referring to Me .
Jun 25th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Arafat: Bush Is Not Referring to Me. Yasser Arafat was asked Tuesday if he was the man in question when President Bush called for a change in the Palestinian leadership. [AP World News]

Apparently Arafat didn't offer any theory as to who else Bush might have been talking about.

Afghans Resent U.S.
Jun 24th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Afghans Resent U.S. Treatment. In one raid, U.S. forces storm a home and arrest the owner, only to release him hours later. In another, soldiers tie the hands of female suspects, breaking a strict local taboo against touching women. [AP World News]

This is hardly surprising--it's been obvious almost from the beginning that the US was headed down the same road as the Russians. There's probably still time to repair the damage by giving up on treating Afghanistan as a conquered territory, but I don't think there's much chance that anyone in Washington will do that.

An Interview with the Mother of a Suicide Bomber .
Jun 21st, 2002 by Ken Hagler

An Inter­view with the Moth­er of a Sui­cide Bomber. “When the oper­a­tion was over, the media broad­cast the news. Then Muhammad’s broth­er came to me and informed me of his mar­tyr­dom. I began to cry, ‘Allah is the great­est,’ and prayed and thanked Allah for the suc­cess of the oper­a­tion. I began to utter cries of joy and we declared that we were hap­py. The young peo­ple began to fire into the air out of joy over the suc­cess of the oper­a­tion, as this is what we had hoped for him.”

After the mar­tyr­dom [oper­a­tion], my heart was peace­ful about Muham­mad. I encour­aged all my sons to die a martyr’s death, and I wish this even for myself. After all this, I pre­pared myself to receive the body of my son, the pure shahid, in order to look upon him one last time and accept the well-wishers who [came] to us in large num­bers and par­tic­i­pat­ed in our joy over Muhammad’s mar­tyr­dom…” [Mid­dle East Media Research Insti­tute]

Any­one who thinks that it’s pos­si­ble for Israel to make peace with the Pales­tini­ans any time soon should read this. Note that this evil crea­ture has oth­er sons, and a his­to­ry of asso­ci­a­tion with ter­ror­ists. Since she’s so eager for her and her remain­ing chil­dren to be mar­tyrs, per­haps the IDF ought to send a heli­copter gun­ship around to her home to oblige her.

This is a trans­la­tion of an arti­cle print­ed in an Ara­bic news­pa­per from Lon­don, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat.

In Praise of Irreverence [ Ludwig von Mises Institute ] This article has a lengthy series of Mark Twain quotes on government.
Jun 21st, 2002 by Ken Hagler

In Praise of Irreverence [Ludwig von Mises Institute]

This article has a lengthy series of Mark Twain quotes on government. They mostly still apply today, although some of them are too kind to apply to modern politicians, or warn of disasters that hadn't happened then, but have now.

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