Carry on, gun-control .
Nov 30th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Car­ry on, gun-control. I briefly toyed with the idea of post­ing this under the ‘Humour’ cat­e­go­ry but, the trou­ble is, I am not… []

There’s a par­tic­u­lar­ly good com­ment on this post:

bq. The mod­ern Left­ist reli­gion has sev­er­al dog­mas, such as gun con­trol works, or high­er tax­es stim­u­late the econ­o­my, or Alger Hiss was framed.

Pro­po­nents of gun con­trol con­tin­ue to sup­port gun con­trol for the same rea­son devout Catholics believe in the Immac­u­late Con­cep­tion, or evan­gel­i­cal Chris­tians believe the Bib­li­cal account of the Cre­ation. Such things are mat­ters of faith, not fact, and as such are immune to ratio­nal exam­i­na­tion.

For a Left­ist, deny­ing Gun Con­trol is heresy. Guns are Evil Tal­is­mans, with super­nat­ur­al pow­ers of mind con­trol. No mat­ter how few guns are legal­ly held in soci­ety, no mat­ter how inef­fec­tive gun laws are, they will always seek to “con­trol” them fur­ther.


Kenya probe focuses on Somali militants .
Nov 29th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Kenya probe focus­es on Soma­li mil­i­tants. Unit­ed States offi­cials say a Somali-based Islam­ic group may have car­ried out Thursday’s twin attacks on Israeli tar­gets in Mom­basa. [BBC News | Front Page | UK Edi­tion]

I’m sure the US would love to find (or invent) a con­nec­tion to Soma­lia. That would give them an excuse to resume Clinton’s failed attempt to con­quer Soma­lia for the UN.

I ran across an article titled “The Uncomfortable Truth” in the Liberty Impact newsletter.
Nov 28th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

I ran across an arti­cle titled “The Uncom­fort­able Truth” in the Lib­er­ty Impact newslet­ter. Since their archives are out of date, I repro­duced the arti­cle here.

Record the Lens That Records You .
Nov 28th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Record the Lens That Records You. A poly sci pro­fes­sor wants shop­pers to pho­to­graph mall sur­veil­lance cam­eras that pho­to­graph them. The point is to dra­ma­tize how vul­ner­a­ble we’ve become to pry­ing eyes. By Patrick Di Jus­to. [Wired News]

A friend of mine did that at an indoor mall in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia a while back. Sure enough, mall secu­ri­ty threw him out–they didn’t believe that “turn­about is fair play.”

Arafat Aide: Uprising Fails Palestinians [ AP World News ] Yasser Arafat’s top deputy said the armed uprising
Nov 27th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Arafat Aide: Uprising Fails Palestinians [AP World News]

bq. Yasser Arafat's top deputy said the armed uprising against Israel has been a mistake for the Palestinians and must be stopped, declaring it had held up Palestinian independence and led to a reoccupation of West Bank cities by Israeli troops.

Although this is obvious to any outside observer, it's unusual for someone in the PLO to be saying it. I wonder how much longer he'll be Arafat's top deputy?

My new “Micron” arrived yesterday, and I spent some time setting it up at home.
Nov 27th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

My new “Micron” arrived yes­ter­day, and I spent some time set­ting it up at home. The hard­est part was find­ing room on my desk–I already have my Pow­er­Mac G4 with two mon­i­tors there. So far it’s work­ing out nice­ly.

I’ve noticed a significant difference between the Mac and Windows versions of “Mozilla”.
Nov 25th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

I’ve noticed a sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence between the Mac and Win­dows ver­sions of “Mozil­la”. In the PC ver­sion the Down­load Man­ag­er works cor­rect­ly, but in the Mac ver­sion the progress bar and “xx of xx KB” dis­plays don’t update until the down­load is com­plete (which makes them use­less). Hope­ful­ly the Mac ver­sion will be fixed soon.

Is Microsoft Truly ‘Trustworthy’? .
Nov 25th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Is Microsoft Tru­ly ‘Trust­wor­thy’?. Microsoft seems to have got­ten secu­ri­ty reli­gion, but its ini­tia­tives to con­vince users to blind­ly install every patch could cre­ate even more prob­lems. Com­men­tary by Lau­ren Wein­stein. [Wired News]

This may be true, but I don’t expect any­thing to change. After all, the best way to ensure the secu­ri­ty of your per­son­al com­put­er is to buy a Mac, and Microsoft is hard­ly going to encour­age that.

Do People Really Use Their PDAs? [ Slashdot ] I work in a high-tech industry and I see more people carrying their PDAs than actually using th
Nov 24th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Do Peo­ple Real­ly Use Their PDAs? [Slash­dot]

bq. I work in a high-tech indus­try and I see more peo­ple car­ry­ing their PDAs than actu­al­ly using them.

The peo­ple I know with PDAs don’t even both­er car­ry­ing them, let alone using them. Until recent­ly I was in the Wire­less prod­ucts divi­sion at Syman­tec, and even in this group of peo­ple who cre­at­ed PDA prod­ucts, I was the only one who actu­al­ly used a PDA. It’s a com­mon thing to see a meet­ing room full of peo­ple with yel­low pads in front of them–and if they have a PDA at all, it will remain off through­out the meet­ing. Per­haps this is because my PDA is a New­ton, which is actu­al­ly use­ful, where­as oth­ers have Palms and Pock­et­PCs, which are not.

Man dies from rabies after bat bite .
Nov 24th, 2002 by Ken Hagler

Man dies from rabies after bat bite. A con­ser­va­tion work­er has died after con­tract­ing Britain’s first case of rabies for 100 years.. [BBC News | Front Page]

Per­haps this is why the British gov­ern­ment final­ly end­ed their pol­i­cy of quar­an­ti­ning pets for six months–they final­ly real­ized that a rabid bat could just fly across the Eng­lish Chan­nel.

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