Meet Gen.
Apr 30th, 2004 by Ken Hagler

Meet Gen. Saleh. A correction on the name and background of the Iraqi general taking over Fallujah. [Back to Iraq 3.0]

If this actually does happen it would be a significant victory for Iraq. Raed has also commented on this.

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A picture named ean.jpgA piece of data for Americans about Europe and their media. No one here seems to know about the Dean Scream. It’s not part of the folklore. Ask an educated European why Dean isn’t the nominee of the Democratic Party and they turn the question back at you. There’s more to it than the scream and the huge amount of play it got on the networks. Dean raised lots of money because he had support in the northeast and west coast. But the first primaries were in Iowa and New Hampshire. [Scripting News]

Of course New Hampshire is in the northeast, so that isn’t it. Or at least, not quite. What he really means is that Dean had support from socialists, who are concentrated in certain cities in those regions–but not in New Hampshire and Iowa.

As Bad As The Other Guys .
Apr 30th, 2004 by Ken Hagler

As Bad As The Other Guys. As much as I would like to say otherwise, ill-treatment of prisoners of war is bullshit.

I can understand situations where, as recently occurred, a soldier will ill-treat a prisoner to get information which could save the lives of his buddies. It may not be right, but it will never go away, and I can understand the motives.

But if all the reports are true,… [Kim du Toit]

I’m pleased (and rather surprised) to see a Crusader actually condemning the torture of prisoners in Iraq.

Mail and Guardian .  This Iraqi prison story gets worse and worse (and the ramifications are going to be very, very bad). 
Apr 30th, 2004 by Ken Hagler

Mail and Guardian.  This Iraqi prison story gets worse and worse (and the ramifications are going to be very, very bad).  Pics (mature content).  There is also a sub-story here about private mercenaries without legal controls (again).  See “Mercenaries Unbound” for background on this issue.
Martin Van Creveld once pointed out that parties at war eventually converge on a common set of behaviors.  It looks like we are giving more ground than our opponents. [John Robb’s Weblog]

This is isn’t really surprising, as the various Iraqi weblogs have mentioned that Americans are torturing prisoners before. It is nice that they go caught, thanks to one soldier who was brave enough to stand up to the torturers.

Another disgusting thing that won’t surprise me is the inevitable posts on Crusader web sites supporting cheering for the torture of prisoners and calling those who object “traitors.”

Apple: Pepsi iTunes promo pulled in 5 million songs .
Apr 29th, 2004 by Ken Hagler

Apple: Pepsi iTunes promo pulled in 5 million songs. Pepsico Inc.’s promotion of Apple’s iTunes Music Store fell well short of Apple’s expectations, according to the company’s Vice President of Worldwide Corporate Communications, Katie Cotton. Cotton told Cnet that five million songs have been redeemed thus far. According to the terms of the promotion, which expires Friday, up to 100 million songs could have been given away. [MacCentral]

It’s hardly surprising the promotion didn’t do well, since it took so long for the caps to start showing up in major cities like Los Angeles.

Partisan blogging .
Apr 27th, 2004 by Ken Hagler

Partisan blogging. When I have posted particularly anti-Bush or partisan views, many people have complained in the comments or by email. Some of the most intelligent comments on my blog have come from conservatives and some of the most stupid from liberals. In order to keep some of the more intelligent conservatives involved in the dialog, I’ve tried to generally steer clear taking strong stands on the war in Iraq and on the presidential election.

I thought about it and I’ve decided that this is stupid. I don’t want Bush to be re-elected and I think going into Iraq was wrong. I will try to be thoughtful about how I make my assertions, but I’m going to stop pretending that I’m non-partisan. I hope that Republicans or people who do not agree with me will continue to read this blog and disagree openly with me. I have just decided that it’s getting too close to the election and there is too much at risk for me to just sit here and act neutral. By Joichi Ito [Joi Ito’s Web]

One of the commenters, Justin Jessup, makes a good point:

bq. The rest of the world hardly cares about how US citizens govern themselves. It’s US foreign policy that the rest of the world worries about.

Outside of the US it’s rather disturbing to discover how vast numbers of people regard American interests as a threat – and I’m not just talking about Bush either.

There seems to be an assumption that Joi speaking against Bush means that he is for the Democrats. I can’t speak for Joi personally, but to many other people outside the USA the differences between the two candiates, and the two parties, are seen as minor. Commentators are often critical not of the particular President, but of the way the American system as a whole affects people outside the US that don’t get a chance to vote.

If you’re inside the US and don’t like it, there’s always the possibility of leaving, but when you are already outside and the US comes to you, what can be done?

Joi, I hope you’ll step up to the plate to bat for those who are outside the US as much as you do for those inside it who see politics as either picking Democrat or Republican.

I’ve ended my experiment with Eudora 6.1.
Apr 27th, 2004 by Ken Hagler

I’ve ended my experiment with Eudora 6.1. It’s still just too unstable.

City Settles Police Abuse Case .
Apr 26th, 2004 by Ken Hagler

City Settles Police Abuse Case. When the people we pay to protect us abuse their power and harm us, our society is weakened. While most police officers are professionals, a small percentage abuse their position of power to serve their own interests. Not only does… [About Civil Liberties]

bq. In another horrific example, Portland Or. police beat a 71 year old blind woman.

There’s a link to the story about the blind woman. Although the city settled her lawsuit, there is no mention of any action being taken against the cops involved. No doubt this is because no action was taken.

Out of Gas in Iraq .
Apr 26th, 2004 by Ken Hagler

Out of Gas in Iraq. “As far as what’s happening over here… first, in Fallujah, the Marines were doing well until they ran out of gas, literally. The real reason the Marines had to start their truce/cease-fire strategy is because the coalition forces are running… [ Blog]

Another report from a U.S. mercenary in Iraq.

Ben & Jerry ‘Oath to Vote’ kicks off, 50K iTunes giveaway .
Apr 26th, 2004 by Ken Hagler

Ben & Jerry ‘Oath to Vote’ kicks off, 50K iTunes giveaway. Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s kicked off their Oath to Vote program this week. It’s an effort to raise awareness of the importance of voting in this November’s US presidential election. The first 50,000 entrants get a free song from the iTunes Music Store, and anyone who enters also gets a chance to win an iMac, an iPod, and a trip to Vermont to Ben & Jerry’s headquarters. [MacCentral]

The sign-up form requires that you give them your name, address, email, and phone number. I passed–a 99 cent song isn’t worth getting more spam.

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