An employee at a web services company at New Orleans has a weblog .
Aug 31st, 2005 by Ken Hagler

An employ­ee at a web ser­vices com­pa­ny at New Orleans has a weblog. Appar­ent­ly they’ve man­aged to keep every­thing run­ning with a diesel gen­er­a­tor. There’s a link to a web­cam, but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

New Orleans under water .
Aug 30th, 2005 by Ken Hagler

New Orleans under water. AT FIRST IT LOOKED AS IF NEW ORLEANS DODGED THE BULLET when Kat­ri­na weak­ened and shift­ed her track. But lev­ee breaks have now put most of the city under water — in some places as deep as 20 feet. That’s as high as a two-story build­ing! Some reports say the city is under mar­tial law. Oth­er reports say those reports are wrong. But it appears that the poor slobs forced to take dubi­ous refuge in the Super­dome, are now locked inside, for­bid­den even to go out on a walk­way for fresh air. Note to self: Increase the three-day food sup­ply in the bug-out bag to a full week’s worth. Plan ahead for a non-government refuge if you must flee. Stay out of big cities … Oh, I already know that one. Stay the hell out of big cities …

Or if you live in a big city, come up with a plan ahead of time for remain­ing in your home as safe­ly as pos­si­ble. For peo­ple who live in flood-prone areas, it would appear that keep­ing an inflat­able boat in the attic is a good idea.

Dome has hole in roof .
Aug 30th, 2005 by Ken Hagler

Dome has hole in roof. The roof of the Super­dome, where thou­sands of New Orleans res­i­dents have sought refuge from the storm, was dam­aged and there are reports of water pour­ing into the build­ing.

Two sec­tions of the roof were miss­ing, about 1 foot wide by 6 feet long. Wit­ness­es said rain was com­ing through; peo­ple were moved from a sec­tion of the Dome floor from the 30-yard line to the end zone, up into the con­cours­es of the build­ing. [The Times-Picayune]

I’d be will­ing to bet that the Gestapo, hav­ing made sure that every­one inside is help­less, is now refus­ing to let them leave.

Law and Disorder .
Aug 30th, 2005 by Ken Hagler

Law and Dis­or­der. Manda­to­ry evac­u­a­tions, such as that ordered in New Orleans on Sun­day, are a won­der­ful invi­ta­tion to loot­ers, and they came in droves. Where was the law? “Loot­ing on Tues­day took place in full view of police and Nation­al Guard troops.… Loot­ers filled industrial-sized garbage cans with cloth­ing and jew­el­ry and float­ed them down the street on bits of ply­wood and insu­la­tion as Nation­al Guard lum­bered by.”

Far from pro­tect­ing prop­er­ty own­ers, they pro­tect­ed loot­ers. “At a drug store on Canal Street just out­side the French Quar­ter, two police offi­cers with pump shot­guns stood guard as work­ers from the Ritz-Carlton Hotel across the street loaded large laun­dry bins full of med­ica­tions, snack foods and bot­tled water… ’ ‘We can com­man­deer what­ev­er we see fit, what­ev­er is nec­es­sary to main­tain law.’” [Mis­es Eco­nom­ics Blog]

New Orleans has a rep­u­ta­tion for hav­ing the most cor­rupt police in the coun­try, so this isn’t sur­pris­ing. It’s some­thing to keep in mind for any­one who ever receives word of a “manda­to­ry” evac­u­a­tion, though.

# Jack Duggan at — Superdome of Shame — on the criminal delay of refugee entrance into th
Aug 30th, 2005 by Ken Hagler

Jack Dug­gan at -

Super­dome of Shame
— on the crim­i­nal delay of refugee entrance
into the Louisiana Super­dome so that they could be searched. [lew]
Think about it. They can allow in 30,000 scream­ing fans with
fifty-dollar bills and cost­ly NFL tick­ets in their hands in a few
min­utes, but poor black peo­ple flee­ing for their lives, four
hours. Four HOURS!

This is the real sto­ry of the Louisiana Super­dome. Hur­ri­cane Kat­ri­na
can cer­tain­ly destroy the envi­rons of the Louisiana and her
neigh­bor­ing states, but that can all be rebuilt. What will nev­er be
rebuilt is the dig­ni­ty of the poor­est cit­i­zens of that region, since
the gov­ern­ment act­ed with a greater destruc­tive force than a
hur­ri­cane. The lamp of free­dom has been blown out by force-five
bureau­crats, their syco­phants and their head-embedded media enablers
who will insure that it will nev­er get re-ignited. For our own good,
of course.
[End the War on Free­dom]

The vic­tims of this out­rage should all receive writ­ten apolo­gies and pay­ments for hav­ing to put up with this. The mon­ey can come from the salaries and pen­sion funds of every­one involved in search­ing them or giv­ing the orders for it to happen–they won’t be need­ing that mon­ey in prison, where they belong.

More police thuggery .
Aug 29th, 2005 by Ken Hagler

More police thug­gery. It seems there’s an arti­cle like this in the paper every day. And these are only the instances that get press. In this case, (see here, too)an inno­cent breast­feed­ing woman is tossed around by some cop in front of her… By Ryan McMak­en. [ Blog]

From one of the arti­cles on this case:

bq. “If (the detec­tive) had to spend a day in jail like I did and be scared, not know­ing what’s going to hap­pen, and have her fam­i­ly cry­ing and wor­ried about her, then I think she would under­stand where I’m com­ing from,” Mer­cedes said.

That sounds like a good idea to me.

It seems that Gmail is expanding again–my number of invites has gone up to 100.
Aug 29th, 2005 by Ken Hagler

It seems that Gmail is expand­ing again–my num­ber of invites has gone up to 100.

I rented Alexander over the weekend, and was amazed to find that someone managed to make a movie about one of the most interesting people in history tedious.
Aug 29th, 2005 by Ken Hagler

I rent­ed Alexan­der over the week­end, and was amazed to find that some­one man­aged to make a movie about one of the most inter­est­ing peo­ple in his­to­ry tedious. Then at the end I saw “direct­ed by Oliv­er Stone.” That explained it.

Lockerbie Bombing Evidence Faked by CIA /A
Aug 29th, 2005 by Ken Hagler

Locker­bie Bomb­ing Evi­dence Faked by CIA /A. August 29, 2005 (off­site) [Cryp­tome]

bq. A FORMER Scot­tish police chief has giv­en lawyers a signed state­ment claim­ing that key evi­dence in the Locker­bie bomb­ing tri­al was fab­ri­cat­ed.

The retired offi­cer — of assis­tant chief con­sta­ble rank or high­er — has tes­ti­fied that the CIA plant­ed the tiny frag­ment of cir­cuit board cru­cial in con­vict­ing a Libyan for the 1989 mass mur­der of 270 peo­ple.

15-year-old burglar shot by South LA woman .
Aug 26th, 2005 by Ken Hagler

15-year-old bur­glar shot by South LA woman. From GUNED.COM– A 15-year-old bur­glary sus­pect died Wednes­day, a day after being shot by a woman who told police she returned to her South Los Ange­les home to con­front a tire iron-wielding boy in her house. []

bq. The shoot­ing took place about 8:30 a.m. Tues­day when Mary Ann Tal­ley, 59, returned to her home after her dai­ly walk, police said in a state­ment. When Tal­ley entered her home, a young bur­glar con­front­ed her with a tire iron and she shot him with a hand­gun she keeps for pro­tec­tion.

The sto­ry doesn’t say (and it prob­a­bly nev­er occurred to the reporter), but it sounds like the lady was (ille­gal­ly) car­ry­ing on her dai­ly walk. Good for her! It’s too bad she had to use it, but it’s bet­ter that she had the means and will to defend her­self than the alter­na­tive.

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