Amusing names
Oct 6th, 2007 by Ken Hagler

Among the var­i­ous online RPGs I play is City of Heroes, in which you play a super­hero. Cur­rent­ly my char­ac­ter is on a mis­sion to recov­er a “P.L.O.T. device.” Here is the descrip­tion:

The Phased Lin­ear Oscil­la­tion Trans­duc­er is a mirac­u­lous device, capa­ble of pro­duc­ing such a vari­ety of effects that many find it sim­ply unbe­liev­able. How­ev­er, overus­ing a P.L.O.T. device can have seri­ous con­se­quences, and the more egre­gious uses can strain the very fab­ric of real­i­ty. P.L.O.T. devices have fall­en out of favor over­all, but many a young and reck­less pio­neer has picked up a well-used P.L.O.T. device and run with it.

Carjacker stopped by intended victim
Oct 1st, 2007 by Ken Hagler

Pro-Gun Law Helping Crime Victims Defend Themselves?.

You don't say.

Good for the Detroit Free Press for running this story.

[The Agitator]

One week after a fatal carjacking in Hamtramck, an 18-year-old would-be carjacker was killed when his potential victim opened fire. Police said Michael Evans of Detroit brandished a handgun as he approached a 36-year-old man from Troy as he got into his vehicle after having dinner with friends. The Troy man used his registered handgun to shoot Evans in apparent self-defense.

The shooting, which occurred in front of Detroit Police headquarters at 1300 Beaubien, remains under investigation, but prosecutors likely won't charge the unidentified Troy man if his version of events checks out.

Notice that the carjacker didn't think anything of brandishing a gun and trying to carjack somebody right in front of the Detroit Police headquarters. This case clearly illustrates which is the more effective self-defense strategy: carrying a gun or relying on the cops.

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