Calibre with Dropbox
Jun 6th, 2010 by Ken Hagler

After using Drop­box long enough to be sat­is­fied that its per­for­mance would remain good and my files wouldn’t spon­ta­neous­ly dis­ap­pear, I decid­ed to try using it in con­junc­tion with Cal­i­bre. Cal­i­bre is an open-source and cross-platform ebook man­age­ment pro­gram which orga­nizes ebooks in all dif­fer­ent for­mats and can con­vert between most of them. I use it to keep track of all the ebooks I’ve down­loaded for my Kin­dle from sources oth­er than Amazon–which is actu­al­ly the major­i­ty of them. Like most open-source projects it has a ghast­ly user inter­face, but it works well despite that hand­i­cap.

Kin­dles are recharged through the USB cable that con­nects them to a com­put­er, and I’ve been con­nect­ing mine to the Mac Pro I use for work­ing with photos–it’s easy to plug it in and set it out of the way to recharge when sit­ting on a desk. How­ev­er, I actu­al­ly down­load ebooks fair­ly often on my lap­top or gen­er­ate them using Fan­fic­tion Down­loader on my PC. In the past I’ve then moved the ebooks over to my Mac Pro via iDisk, but as I’ve men­tioned before iDisk doesn’t per­form all that well.

Cal­i­bre lets you spec­i­fy where you want your ebook library to be locat­ed in its pref­er­ences, so I moved the fold­er it had been using on the Mac Pro into my Drop­box and point­ed Cal­i­bre to the new loca­tion. I then installed Cal­i­bre on the oth­er two com­put­ers, and now I’ve got access to my library from three dif­fer­ent com­put­ers. When I down­load an ebook on my lap­top I can stick it in Cal­i­bre there, add any meta­da­ta I like, and the next time I plug my Kin­dle in to my Mac Pro it’s there already, wait­ing to be copied over to the Kin­dle. So far this has worked out very well.

Quote of the Day
Jun 2nd, 2010 by Ken Hagler

To be GOVERNED is to be kept in sight, inspect­ed, spied upon, direct­ed, law-driven, num­bered, enrolled, indoc­tri­nat­ed, preached at, con­trolled, esti­mat­ed, val­ued, cen­sured, com­mand­ed, by crea­tures who have nei­ther the right, nor the wis­dom, nor the virtue to do so. To be GOVERNED is to be at every oper­a­tion, at every trans­ac­tion, not­ed, reg­is­tered, enrolled, taxed, stamped, mea­sured, num­bered, assessed, licensed, autho­rized, admon­ished, for­bid­den, reformed, cor­rect­ed, pun­ished. It is, under pre­text of pub­lic util­i­ty, and in the name of the gen­er­al inter­est, to be placed under con­tri­bu­tion, trained, ran­somed, exploit­ed, monop­o­lized, extort­ed, squeezed, mys­ti­fied, robbed; then, at the slight­est resis­tance, the first word of com­plaint, to be repressed, fined, despised, harassed, tracked, abused, clubbed, dis­armed, choked, impris­oned, judged, con­demned, shot, deport­ed, sac­ri­ficed, sold, betrayed; and, to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, out­raged, dis­hon­ored. That is gov­ern­ment; that is its jus­tice; that is its moral­i­ty.

Pierre-Joseph Proud­hon

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