Legal speculation
Aug 29th, 2010 by Ken Hagler

I wonder if it’s legal to shoot your neighbors and then claim self defense on the grounds that they were trying to kill you with sleep deprivation?

Lobbyists are mandatory
Aug 5th, 2010 by Ken Hagler

From the August 2010 issue of Reason Magazine:

“It’s a double standard,” Akram Allos, owner of Sinbad CafĂ© in Dearborn, complained to the Detroit Free Press. “Just because we didn’t have a lobbyist, why should we have to suffer?”

That is why you have to suffer, Mr. Allos. Welcome to the land of the fee and the home of the slave.

Constitution upheld for a change
Aug 4th, 2010 by Ken Hagler

California’s Gay Marriage Ban Overturned.

Today a federal judge in California
that state’s ban on gay marriage, ruling that it
violates the 14th Amendment’s command that no state may “deny to
any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the
laws.” In response to a lawsuit filed by several same-sex couples,
U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker concluded that Proposition 8, a
2008 ballot initiative that amended California’s constitution to
prohibit gay marriage, “unconstitutionally burdens the exercise of
the fundamental right to marry and creates an irrational
classification on the basis of sexual orientation.”

[Hit and Run]

It’s pretty rare for the 14th Amendment to be enforced. I suspect that if this case had involved any significant restraint on government power, the outcome would have been different.

Quote of the Day
Aug 4th, 2010 by Ken Hagler

These people are so crooked they screw their socks on in the morning… Post

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