Realistic petition
Nov 11th, 2011 by Ken Hagler

We Demand a Vapid, Con­de­scend­ing, Mean­ing­less, Polit­i­cal­ly Safe Response to This Peti­tion.”.

Rea­son has cast a gim­let eye on the White House’s “We
the Peo­ple” peti­tion site before. (See Peter Suderman’s “5,000
Sig­na­tures Will Get You a Response From White House Pol­i­cy Wonks,
Unless Your Idea is “Bad” or About Weed
”) But some enter­pris­ing
cit­i­zens have take the enter­prise of ques­tion­ing the enter­prise
even fur­ther, sub­mit­ting this 
on the site:

We demand a vapid, con­de­scend­ing, mean­ing­less,
polit­i­cal­ly safe response to this peti­tion.

Since these peti­tions are ignored apart from an occa­sion­al
patron­iz­ing and inane polit­i­cal state­ment amount­ing to noth­ing more
than a con­de­scend­ing pat on the head, we the sign­ers would enjoy
hav­ing the illu­sion of suc­cess. Since no oth­er out­come to this
process seems pos­si­ble, we demand that the White House imme­di­ate­ly
assign a junior staffer to com­pose a tame and vapid response to
this peti­tion, and nev­er attempt to take any mean­ing­ful action on
this or any oth­er issue. We would also like a cook­ie.

After being hit with ques­tions about UFOs and legal­iz­ing weed,
the White House has raised the thresh­old for a guar­an­teed response
25,000 e-signatures in 30 days
. To date, the peti­tion has
9,228. (Thanks in part to get­ting some 
media cov­er­age yes­ter­day
.) Go to town, com­menters.

Via Jer­ry Brito’s Google+ feed, where he describes the peti­tion
as “fatal­is­tic and cyn­i­cal.” I agree. And I would also like a

[Hit and Run]

Com­ple­ment­ing the hon­est cam­paign ad, here’s the only real­is­tic peti­tion I’ve ever seen.

Truth in Advertising
Nov 5th, 2011 by Ken Hagler

There's a video on YouTube of the only honest campaign advertisement I've ever seen.

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