Quote of the Day
Jul 31st, 2012 by Ken Hagler

The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.

H.L. Mencken

Corporate “emergencies”
Jul 15th, 2012 by Ken Hagler

Comic for July 15, 2012

[Dilbert Daily Strip]

I’ve found that this sort of thing is extremely common in some software companies.

Voting with their feet
Jul 9th, 2012 by Ken Hagler

The Weekend Interview with Joel Kotkin: The Great California Exodus. And things will only get worse in the coming years as Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and his green cadre implement their “smart growth” plans to cram the proletariat into high-density housing. “What I find reprehensible beyond belief is that the people pushing [high-density housing] themselves live in single-family homes and often drive very fancy cars, but want everyone else to live like my grandmother did in Brownsville in Brooklyn in the 1920s,” Mr. Kotkin declares.

“The new regime”—his name for progressive apparatchiks who run California’s government—”wants to destroy the essential reason why people move to California in order to protect their own lifestyles.”

Housing is merely one front of what he calls the “progressive war on the middle class.” Another is the cap-and-trade law AB32, which will raise the cost of energy and drive out manufacturing jobs without making even a dent in global carbon emissions. Then there are the renewable portfolio standards, which mandate that a third of the state’s energy come from renewable sources like wind and the sun by 2020. California’s electricity prices are already 50% higher than the national average.

Oh, and don’t forget the $100 billion bullet train. Mr. Kotkin calls the runaway-cost train “classic California.” “Where [Brown] with the state going bankrupt is even thinking about an expenditure like this is beyond comprehension. When the schools are falling apart, when the roads are falling apart, the bridges are unsafe, the state economy is in free fall. We’re still doing much worse than the rest of the country, we’ve got this growing permanent welfare class, and high-speed rail is going to solve this?”


According to Mr. Kotkin, these upwardly mobile families are fleeing in droves. As a result, California is turning into a two-and-a-half-class society. On top are the “entrenched incumbents” who inherited their wealth or came to California early and made their money. Then there’s a shrunken middle class of public employees and, miles below, a permanent welfare class. As it stands today, about 40% of Californians don’t pay any income tax and a quarter are on Medicaid. [The Wall Street Journal]

A good article from a few months ago on the exodus of the productive class from California, and why it’s happening. I’m looking at leaving myself in the not-too-distant future.

Quote of the Day
Jul 8th, 2012 by Ken Hagler

Children are like little drunks.

Sara Bareilles

Kabuki politics
Jul 5th, 2012 by Ken Hagler

The Greatest Trick the Republicans’ Anti-Government Belief Ever Pulled Off Was Convincing Us It Actually Existed. In the stylized but phony Kabuki theater of American politics, the Dems and their town cryers such as Purdum pretend to believe that the Republicans are or will shrink the state, since that belief helps (supposedly) energize the Dems base to come out against the GOP even as the lie energizes the GOP’s own base. But no matter who wins elections, big government wins. [Hit and Run]

Quote of the Day
Jul 4th, 2012 by Ken Hagler

When the government’s boot is on your throat, whether it is a left boot or a right, is of no consequence.

New MacBook Pro
Jul 2nd, 2012 by Ken Hagler

My new Retina screen MacBook Pro arrived today. I’d been planning to buy one even before they were announced, on the assumption they would come out sometime this year, and my old MacBook Pro (an early 2008 model) died just as they were being announced.

Although the improved screen is noticeable, the biggest improvement to me is how much lighter it is than the old model it replaces. On the other hand, all was not perfect–for some reason, it came without a recovery partition. Since this model doesn’t have a DVD drive and didn’t come with a system disc, this would be pretty bad for anyone who got it as their only Mac and then had a problem. It also kept me from turning on Filevault, which requires the presence of a recovery partition. Fortunately, some searching turned up instructions on how to create a recovery partition on a system that didn’t have it.

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