New MacBook Pro
July 2nd, 2012 by Ken Hagler

My new Retina screen MacBook Pro arrived today. I’d been planning to buy one even before they were announced, on the assumption they would come out sometime this year, and my old MacBook Pro (an early 2008 model) died just as they were being announced.

Although the improved screen is noticeable, the biggest improvement to me is how much lighter it is than the old model it replaces. On the other hand, all was not perfect–for some reason, it came without a recovery partition. Since this model doesn’t have a DVD drive and didn’t come with a system disc, this would be pretty bad for anyone who got it as their only Mac and then had a problem. It also kept me from turning on Filevault, which requires the presence of a recovery partition. Fortunately, some searching turned up instructions on how to create a recovery partition on a system that didn’t have it.

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