Quote of the Day
Jan 23rd, 2013 by Ken Hagler

If at first you don’t succeed skydiving definitely is not for you!

Sign in downtown Austin

iPad writing app
Jan 5th, 2013 by Ken Hagler

Since I bought my first iPad I've tried a number of different simple writing apps,but none of them have lasted as they were all too limited in what you could do with what you'd written.I finally came across an app called Drafts, which lets you export what you've written to anything. There are even dozens of export options for apps I don't even have (turned off by default to avoid clutter). Now I can write a blog post using Markdown, send it as HTML to the clipboard,and paste it into the WordPress app, which is how I wrote this post.

Man Bites Dog
Jan 4th, 2013 by Ken Hagler

Here’s a rather unusual story: California teen girls charged with drugging parents to evade Internet curfew. Millions of young Americans are routinely drugged into submission by their parents, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it going the other way around.

Paper Test
Jan 1st, 2013 by Ken Hagler

I’ve been reading many good things about an iPad app called Paper, so I decided to give it a try using my iPad 3 and a pressure sensitive stylus. It’s a very well thought out drawing app, and while I’m totally lacking in artistic ability I do sometimes need to make diagrams and other simple drawings for work. Paper comes with a “fountain pen” tool, which emulates the flexible nibs that fountain pens used to have before the widespread use of copy paper. I found it to be very difficult to use:

Paper's fountain pen tool

Paper’s fountain pen tool

I don’t have a real fountain pen with a flexible nib for comparison, so I used one with an italic nib instead:

Actual fountain pen

Actual fountain pen

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