Good for Magpul
Feb 27th, 2013 by Ken Hagler

Check out the Magpul on that one!.

Via Jerking the Trigger, Magpul offers Colorado lawmakers a parting shot…

Due to a bill currently moving through the Colorado legislature, there is the possibility that Colorado residents’ ability to purchase standard capacity magazines will soon be infringed. Before that happens, and Magpul is forced to leave the state in order to keep to our principles, we will be doing our best to get standard capacity PMAGs into the hands of any Colorado resident that wants them.

Verified Colorado residents will be able to purchase up to ten (10) standard capacity AR/M4 magazines directly from Magpul, and will be given immediate flat-rate $5 shipping, bypassing our current order queue.

Our customers outside of Colorado, please know that our PMAG production will continue at an ever-increasing rate until we do relocate, shipments to our distributors in other states will continue, and that we do not expect relocation to significantly impact PMAG production. We are also aware that Colorado is not the only state with existing or pending magazine capacity restrictions; we are working on programs for other affected states as well.

Yeah! The best activism is the kind that’s in your own interest.

[The Ultimate Answer to Kings]

I’m always happy to see people defying tyranny. I don’t own any rifles that will take PMAGs, but if that changes I’ll certainly give them my business.

Addendum: One Source Tactical is now making a similar offer.

Just say no to illegal searches
Feb 26th, 2013 by Ken Hagler

Enjoy This Montage of People Refusing to Cooperate with DHS Checkpoints.

Hat tip to TMan for posting this link. It was too fun to keep in
the comments for an
unrelated post
on a different form of abuse of power. Here’s a
crew of folks refusing to submit to questioning at Department of
Homeland Security immigration checkpoints that aren’t actually at
the border (and one case of a driver refusing to cooperate with one
of California’s produce checkpoints as an employee hilariously
thinks he can make him leave the state).

[Hit and Run]

This is a great video! My favorite was the last clip, where the driver starts asking the Gestapo agent if he’s a citizen before he can get his interrogation started.

Dubious movie advertisement
Feb 25th, 2013 by Ken Hagler

I just saw a trailer for a science fiction movie that didn’t look very good which contained a quote: “The Woody Allen of science fiction.”

That would probably make for a better advertisement if I actually liked the Woody Allen of Woody Allen.

Making fingerprint readers useful
Feb 25th, 2013 by Ken Hagler

Fingerprint Purchasing Technology Ensures Buyer Has a Pulse. An anonymous reader writes “A small U.S. university has come up with a novel solution to reduce the possibility of using a dead person’s hand to get past a fingerprint scanner through the use of hemoglobin detection. The device quickly checks the fingerprint and hemoglobin ‘non-intrusively’ to verify the identity and whether the individual is alive. This field of research is called Biocryptology and seeks to ensure that biometric security devices can’t be easily bypassed.”[Search Slashdot]

This is a good idea. Some years ago I had a Windows laptop I used for work which had a fingerprint reader that could be used in place of the standard password login, but I never used it. I figured that if someone managed to steal my laptop, I didn’t want to give them a reason to steal my finger as well.

Quote of the Day
Feb 9th, 2013 by Ken Hagler

Unarmed officer: “I’ve got a good mind to try to take you all back by force.”
Sergeant with rifle: “Good luck with that.”

Stargate Universe

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