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May 26th, 2013 by Ken Hagler

I used to won­der how peo­ple like Sul­li­van and oth­er Amer­i­cans and west­ern­ers, who con­tin­u­ous­ly jus­ti­fy any man­ner of vio­lence and mil­i­tarism by their own side, could pos­si­bly spend so much time point­ing to oth­ers and depict­ing them–those peo­ple over there–as the embod­i­ment of vio­lence and sav­age aggres­sion. But at some point I real­ized that it’s pre­cise­ly because they con­tin­u­ous­ly jus­ti­fy so much vio­lence and aggres­sion from their side that they have such a bound­less com­pul­sion to depict oth­ers as the Unique­ly Prim­i­tive and Vio­lent Evil. That’s how they absolve them­selves. It’s how they dis­tract them­selves from the real­i­ty of what they sup­port and what their gov­ern­ments do in the world. And it’s why few things pro­duce quite as much per­son­al resent­ment and anger than demand­ing that they first gaze into a mir­ror before issu­ing these abso­lutist denun­ci­a­tions about oth­ers.

Glenn Green­wald

Springfield XD(M) first impression
May 7th, 2013 by Ken Hagler

I was at the range today to test some new defen­sive ammo in my CZ-75, and found that they had final­ly got in a fresh sup­ply of 9mm. I decid­ed to buy a box and try out a Spring­field XD(M)–the range had the 9mm com­pe­ti­tion mod­el avail­able for rent. I’ve fired numer­ous Glocks (of var­i­ous mod­els) over the years, and nev­er real­ly liked the feel, but I hadn’t tried any of the var­i­ous poly­mer frame striker-fired pis­tols that have come along in recent years to com­pete with them. The XD(M) is a deriv­a­tive of the Croa­t­ian HS2000.

As expect­ed of a polymer-framed pis­tol, the XD(M) was quite light­weight. It prob­a­bly weighs about as much emp­ty as my CZ-83, which seems strange in a much larg­er pis­tol. Of course, I’m used to all-steel pis­tols, so my weight expec­ta­tions are based on pis­tols which are actu­al­ly rather heavy by mod­ern stan­dards.

The trig­ger was a pleas­ant surprise–it was much bet­ter than a Glock’s, and rough­ly on par with my CZ-75 (which has a stock trig­ger). It’s not near­ly as good as my M1911 trig­gers, but that’s to be expect­ed. The Glock trig­ger is one of the things I don’t like about that design (I can shoot it accu­rate­ly, but I don’t like the feel), so I was pleased to find that not all striker-fired pis­tols have mushy trig­gers.

Accu­ra­cy was good. I didn’t shoot quite as well with it as I did with my CZ-75, but then I’d nev­er laid hands on an XD(M) before while I’ve fired thou­sands of rounds through that CZ-75. With greater famil­iar­i­ty, I’d expect to shoot it just as well. In any case, it was more than suf­fi­cient­ly accu­rate for self defense use.

A mag­a­zine load­ing device (not sup­plied with the rental gun) is a neces­si­ty for load­ing the XD(M)‘s 19-round mag­a­zines. Even though a range rental’s mag­a­zine has no doubt seen con­sid­er­able use, I still found load­ing the last few rounds unaid­ed to be very dif­fi­cult (not to men­tion hard on my thumbs).

Over­all, I was impressed enough that I’d def­i­nite­ly con­sid­er buy­ing one at some point, albeit after some rifles I’m cur­rent­ly more inter­est­ed in.

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