Quote of the Day
May 26th, 2013 by Ken Hagler

I used to wonder how people like Sullivan and other Americans and westerners, who continuously justify any manner of violence and militarism by their own side, could possibly spend so much time pointing to others and depicting them–those people over there–as the embodiment of violence and savage aggression. But at some point I realized that it’s precisely because they continuously justify so much violence and aggression from their side that they have such a boundless compulsion to depict others as the Uniquely Primitive and Violent Evil. That’s how they absolve themselves. It’s how they distract themselves from the reality of what they support and what their governments do in the world. And it’s why few things produce quite as much personal resentment and anger than demanding that they first gaze into a mirror before issuing these absolutist denunciations about others.

Glenn Greenwald

Springfield XD(M) first impression
May 7th, 2013 by Ken Hagler

I was at the range today to test some new defensive ammo in my CZ-75, and found that they had finally got in a fresh supply of 9mm. I decided to buy a box and try out a Springfield XD(M)–the range had the 9mm competition model available for rent. I’ve fired numerous Glocks (of various models) over the years, and never really liked the feel, but I hadn’t tried any of the various polymer frame striker-fired pistols that have come along in recent years to compete with them. The XD(M) is a derivative of the Croatian HS2000.

As expected of a polymer-framed pistol, the XD(M) was quite lightweight. It probably weighs about as much empty as my CZ-83, which seems strange in a much larger pistol. Of course, I’m used to all-steel pistols, so my weight expectations are based on pistols which are actually rather heavy by modern standards.

The trigger was a pleasant surprise–it was much better than a Glock’s, and roughly on par with my CZ-75 (which has a stock trigger). It’s not nearly as good as my M1911 triggers, but that’s to be expected. The Glock trigger is one of the things I don’t like about that design (I can shoot it accurately, but I don’t like the feel), so I was pleased to find that not all striker-fired pistols have mushy triggers.

Accuracy was good. I didn’t shoot quite as well with it as I did with my CZ-75, but then I’d never laid hands on an XD(M) before while I’ve fired thousands of rounds through that CZ-75. With greater familiarity, I’d expect to shoot it just as well. In any case, it was more than sufficiently accurate for self defense use.

A magazine loading device (not supplied with the rental gun) is a necessity for loading the XD(M)’s 19-round magazines. Even though a range rental’s magazine has no doubt seen considerable use, I still found loading the last few rounds unaided to be very difficult (not to mention hard on my thumbs).

Overall, I was impressed enough that I’d definitely consider buying one at some point, albeit after some rifles I’m currently more interested in.

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