Hollywood finds new things to rip off
Feb 25th, 2014 by Ken Hagler

I just watched a trailer for an upcoming Hollywood movie called Brick Mansions, and immediately noticed that it looked like a crappy ripoff of a fairly well-known French action movie that aired in the US with the title District B13 (the original French title was Banlieue 13). It even had the same actor playing what looked like the same part. Then at the end of the trailer, the words “based on the screenplay for Banlieue 13” flashed on the screen.

I guess they ran out of Japanese and European horror movies to make bad copies of, so now they’ve moved on to European action movies.

Traditions are not necessarily good
Feb 10th, 2014 by Ken Hagler

Steve Chapman on the Myth of ‘Traditional Marriage’. Gay marriageIn the
battle over same-sex marriage, opponents are strongly in favor of
deferring to the wisdom of our ancestors. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence
uses the prevailing formula when he says, “I support traditional
marriage.” The Christian Coalition of America urges its friends to
“Say ‘I Do’ to Traditional Marriage.” But invoking age-old customs
has not served to convince the American people, most of whom now
favor letting gays wed. As Steve Chapman writes, Americans have
rarely rallied to the idea that we should do something just because
that’s what was done in the time of Henry VII or even George
Washington. []

When Conservatives go on about “traditional marriage,” they are actually talking about 1950’s sitcom marriage. A real traditional marriage is between a man and one or more female slaves bought from their fathers for some goats (or other livestock). The goats can expect much better treatment from their new owners.

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