A look at why cops attack people
Jun 30th, 2014 by Ken Hagler

Stand Up, Sit Down, Fight, Fight, Fight. The point of all this is that, with some excep­tions, the cop doesn’t care whether you are stand­ing or sit­ting, in the car or out, speak­ing or silent. What he does care about, and cares beyond your appre­ci­a­tion of his pur­pose, is that you com­ply with his com­mands so that he has estab­lished his com­mand pres­ence, feels in con­trol of the sit­u­a­tion and, there­fore, has no fear that you’re a threat to his safe­ty.

For­get con­sti­tu­tion­al rights, the offi­cer will engage in what­ev­er harm he feels is required to estab­lish his con­trol to the point of killing the vic­tim, if nec­es­sary, in order to assure that at the end of the run, he goes home safe­ly. He may feel bad­ly about it after­ward, but he has been trained to take com­mand at all costs in the course of the inter­ac­tion. Cops com­plain that non-cops don’t get it, and indeed, we don’t. Not because we’re inca­pable, but rather because we don’t adhere to the First Rule of Polic­ing as man­i­fest­ed by their over­ar­ch­ing need for com­mand pres­ence.

From any per­spec­tive but that of a cop, this sounds utter­ly insane. Yet, this is what is run­ning through an officer’s head as he inter­acts with the pub­lic, and why he feels enti­tled to enforce absurd and arbi­trary com­mands by inflict­ing pain. Now you know. [Sim­ple Jus­tice]

A look at why cops tor­ture and mur­der peo­ple so often. The author’s expla­na­tion make sense, and fits what I’ve heard myself.

Time to look elsewhere
Jun 27th, 2014 by Ken Hagler

Apple to cease devel­op­ment of Aper­ture:

Apple has announced that it is ceas­ing devel­op­ment of its Aper­ture pho­to edit­ing appli­ca­tion. The com­pa­ny will instead be focus­ing on the upcom­ing Pho­tos for OS X soft­ware, which will be includ­ed in the next ver­sion of Mac OS X (Yosemite). Apple will ensure com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with the next ver­sion of OS X and will allow you to import your Aper­ture library into the new Pho­tos app. This cer­tain­ly bodes well for Adobe, since even more Aper­ture will be defect­ing to Light­room.

(Via News: Dig­i­tal Pho­tog­ra­phy Review (

I’ve been using Aper­ture to man­age my scanned pho­to library. I like its abil­i­ty to eas­i­ly link dif­fer­ent ver­sions of pho­tos (the scan and files for var­i­ous print ver­sions, for exam­ple), and the soft­ware I had been using before was eat­en by Microsoft and then killed. I guess I’ll be mov­ing to Light­room now.

Quote of the Day
Jun 23rd, 2014 by Ken Hagler

To any­one who knows how to look, what’s heart­break­ing­ly obvious—and more painful to me than I can pos­si­bly express—is that we, the Unit­ed States of Amer­i­ca, have, by fits and starts, become the very evil that we have always believed we were fight­ing. Our young sol­diers are invaders, vil­lains, no mat­ter how they look or sound, not heroes or lib­er­a­tors, as they claim—or it is claimed for them. By any objec­tive stan­dard, they are being killed by peo­ple try­ing to pro­tect their prop­er­ty, their rights, and the way that they choose to live their lives, no mat­ter how repul­sive and abhor­rent that may seem to us.

L. Neil Smith

Good news for Mac scripting
Jun 10th, 2014 by Ken Hagler

JavaScript for Automa­tion Release Notes

The JavaScript OSA com­po­nent imple­ments JavaScript for Automa­tion. The com­po­nent can be used from Script Edi­tor, the glob­al Script Menu, in the Run JavaScript Automa­tor Action, applets/droplets, the osascript command-line tool, the NSUser­Script­Task API, and every­where else oth­er OSA com­po­nents, such as Apple­Script, can be used. This includes Mail Rules, Fold­er Actions, Address Book Plu­g­ins, Cal­en­dar Alarms, and Mes­sage Trig­gers.

The announce­ment of JavaScript for Automa­tion got a bit lost in all the even more impor­tant news from WWDC, but it’s cer­tain­ly good news for any­one doing Mac script­ing. AppleScript’s English-like syn­tax is noto­ri­ous­ly unpleas­ant to work with, but since the demise of User­land Fron­tier years ago there haven’t been any real alter­na­tives. Now it looks like we’ll final­ly get one.

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