Attack on free speech
Jan 9th, 2015 by Ken Hagler

Recent­ly there was a hor­ri­ble crime com­mit­ted, where armed men com­mit­ted mur­der because some­body said some­thing that offend­ed them. This has led to world­wide con­dem­na­tion of the attack­ers and sup­port for the vic­tim… Oh, wait. Actu­al­ly, nobody cares at all about the mur­der of Joseph Paci­ni, because his killers were wear­ing clown suits and didn’t fol­low the wrong reli­gion.

Self-destructive Cops
Jan 2nd, 2015 by Ken Hagler

NYPD Pun­ish­es City by Not Cit­ing, Arrest­ing Cit­i­zens as Much. Oh, No!

Right now in New York City, guys sell­ing black mar­ket cig­a­rettes are much, much less like­ly to be harassed and arrest­ed (or worse) by the New York Police Depart­ment.


They pro­vide an info box show­ing, in addi­tion to the huge drop in minor offense sum­mons­es, a 94 per­cent drop in cita­tions for traf­fic vio­la­tions, a 92 per­cent drop in park­ing vio­la­tion cita­tions, and a 66 per­cent drop in over­all arrests.

[Hit & Run]

Last month I not­ed that it was a mis­take for cops to be so hap­py about hav­ing proven that cops can’t be held account­able by the sys­tem. Appar­ent­ly not sat­is­fied with that lev­el of stu­pid­i­ty, we now have a bunch of cops demon­strat­ing that all it takes to lift their boots from the necks of an entire city of mil­lions of peo­ple is to kill a cou­ple of them. In oth­er words, hav­ing proven that peace­ful rev­o­lu­tion is impos­si­ble, they’re now out to demon­strate that vio­lent rev­o­lu­tion not only works, but doesn’t even take much effort.

I’d ask what they’re think­ing, send­ing a mes­sage like that, but from what I’ve seen cops are so com­plete­ly obliv­i­ous to the opin­ions of any­one but cops that they’re prob­a­bly inca­pable of under­stand­ing what they’re doing.

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