Attack on free speech
Jan 9th, 2015 by Ken Hagler

Recently there was a horrible crime committed, where armed men committed murder because somebody said something that offended them. This has led to worldwide condemnation of the attackers and support for the victim… Oh, wait. Actually, nobody cares at all about the murder of Joseph Pacini, because his killers were wearing clown suits and didn’t follow the wrong religion.

Self-destructive Cops
Jan 2nd, 2015 by Ken Hagler

NYPD Punishes City by Not Citing, Arresting Citizens as Much. Oh, No!

Right now in New York City, guys selling black market cigarettes are much, much less likely to be harassed and arrested (or worse) by the New York Police Department.


They provide an info box showing, in addition to the huge drop in minor offense summonses, a 94 percent drop in citations for traffic violations, a 92 percent drop in parking violation citations, and a 66 percent drop in overall arrests.

[Hit & Run]

Last month I noted that it was a mistake for cops to be so happy about having proven that cops can’t be held accountable by the system. Apparently not satisfied with that level of stupidity, we now have a bunch of cops demonstrating that all it takes to lift their boots from the necks of an entire city of millions of people is to kill a couple of them. In other words, having proven that peaceful revolution is impossible, they’re now out to demonstrate that violent revolution not only works, but doesn’t even take much effort.

I’d ask what they’re thinking, sending a message like that, but from what I’ve seen cops are so completely oblivious to the opinions of anyone but cops that they’re probably incapable of understanding what they’re doing.

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