Our legal system at work
Jul 24th, 2015 by Ken Hagler

LAPD cop gets 3 years in jail for beating suspect caught on dashcam (Via Ars Technica)

From the article:

The 35-year-old victim, Alesia Thomas, died later that July evening.


Superior Court Judge Sam Ohta suspended 20 months from the 36-month sentence. With good behavior, that means the officer could be released in five months.

So to put it honestly, the cop did not receive 3 years in jail for beating a suspect, she got five months in jail for murder. Sadly, that short sentence is not a surprise–it’s both obvious and well-known that all aspects of the legal system work together to protect cops from punishment for their misdeeds. What’s most surprising about this case is that she got any jail time for committing murder, as the usual punishment is a paid vacation.

The Austin job market is very impressive
Jul 21st, 2015 by Ken Hagler

It’s pretty well known that Austin is a very good place to find work in the software industry. That was a major part of the reason I moved here when I got out of California–Symantec being what they are, I wanted to be able to easily find another job if I got arbitrarily laid off during a reargue.

It turns out that the job market here is actually even better than I’d heard. After a month during which I considered hiring a receptionist to deal with all the recruiters, I accepted an offer from Apple.

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