More about why Feds hate encryption
March 18th, 2016 by Ken Hagler

Gov’t accidentally publishes target of Lavabit probe: It’s Snowden. In the summer of 2013, secure e-mail service Lavabit was ordered by a federal judge to provide real-time e-mail monitoring of one of its users. Rather than comply with the order, Levison shut down his entire company. He said what the government was seeking would have endangered the privacy of all of his 410,000 users.

Later, he did provide the private key as a lengthy printout in tiny type.

In court papers related to the Lavabit controversy, the target of the investigation was redacted, but it was widely assumed to be Edward Snowden. He was known to have used the service, and the charges against the target were espionage and theft of government property, the same charges Snowden faced. [Ars Technica]

This is another illustration of what the Federal Baby Incinerators are talking about when they demand that encryption be rendered worthless in order to fight “terrorism.” What they really mean is to spy on political dissidents, along with other Gestapo-worthy goals such as imprisoning people who prevent puppycide.

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