A good example for us
Jun 9th, 2016 by Ken Hagler

Vir­tu­al Nations. Good read of the day: “The Soma­li Poten­tates of Sub­ur­bia,” an Awl piece about the var­i­ous seces­sion­ist paper states that sup­pos­ed­ly exist in Soma­lia and are actu­al­ly run from abroad. A quick excerpt:

Awdal State wasn’t declar­ing inde­pen­dence from Soma­lia. It was declar­ing inde­pen­dence from Soma­liland, a seces­sion­ist move­ment that’d declared its inde­pen­dence from Soma­lia two decades pri­or. And the Awdalites didn’t want their own inde­pen­dence. They want­ed auton­o­my (includ­ing their own pres­i­dent) with­in Soma­lia. And when I say “Awdalites,” I don’t actu­al­ly mean peo­ple in Awdal. The hall with all those awk­ward dancers was in Min­neapo­lis, Min­neso­ta. The gov­ern­ment elec­tion lat­er that year took place in Lon­don. And the pres­i­dent they wound up elect­ing was a middle-aged dude liv­ing per­ma­nent­ly in Ottawa, whose day job was stuff­ing fly­ers into a local paper.

[Hit & Run]

Clear­ly the Soma­lis have the right idea. If only we could restrict the US Pres­i­dent to a mean­ing­less role filled by some­one with a day job shuf­fling fly­ers.

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