I’ve moved
Dec 28th, 2016 by Ken Hagler

Last week­end I moved to a new apart­ment. I’d got­ten fed up with the ter­ri­ble man­age­ment at the last apart­ment com­plex, so I left as soon as my lease expired. The new place is about the same size, also has Google Fiber, and has an even bet­ter view–I can see Town Lake from my desk.

It’s amazing how cowardly Americans have become
Dec 18th, 2016 by Ken Hagler

4 Schools Go into Lock­down, Call Cops on Man with an Umbrel­la. It’s a gun! No, it’s a sword!

What­ev­er it was, two dif­fer­ent peo­ple spot­ted a man car­ry­ing it near Poly High in River­side, Cal­i­for­nia. They saw some­thing, and said some­thing. As a result four local schools went into lock­down mode yes­ter­day.

Police hunt­ed for the men­ac­ing mani­ac and final­ly, accord­ing to The Press Enter­prise, “a cam­pus super­vi­sor at Poly spot­ted a man who matched the descrip­tion giv­en by both callers.”

The weapon he was car­ry­ing?

An umbrel­la.

The lock­downs were lift­ed, but the threat con­tin­ues: Rain is in the fore­cast. [Hit & Run]

That was the high school where I was an inmate in the 1980s. I took ROTC while I was there, which involved about a hun­dred stu­dents march­ing around with bolt-action rifles (albeit rifles which had been ren­dered inca­pable of fir­ing) at least one day a week. No lock­downs were involved.

The end of CityDesk
Dec 8th, 2016 by Ken Hagler

RIP City­Desk – Joel on Soft­ware. In those days all the cool kids wrote their own blog­ging plat­forms. I wrote City­Desk. In what turned out to be a mon­u­men­tal­ly wrong bet, I thought that peo­ple would want to blog on Win­dows, with all the slick WYSIWYG edit­ing good­ness that wasn’t yet avail­able in ear­ly ver­sions of HTML. City­Desk kept your entire web­site in a SQL data­base (Microsoft Jet, the back­end of Access) and had a fron­tend like a word proces­sor. Every time you need­ed to pub­lish, it gen­er­at­ed the entire site as a set of html pages, which it then uploaded to an ftp serv­er for you.


Over the years the City­Desk code base (VB 6.0, anoth­er bad bet) stopped run­ning on the lat­est ver­sions of Win­dows. Nobody else cared but by that time I was using a cus­tom ver­sion of City­Desk which only ran on Win­dows XP. So until recent­ly, I had a vir­tu­al machine set up with Win­dows XP run­ning in there, and a copy of City­Desk.


Matt Mul­len­weg over at Word­Press has been try­ing to get me to move Joel on Soft­ware over to Word­Press for so long it’s not even fun­ny. I final­ly gave in. [Joel on Soft­ware]

I used City­Desk myself to man­age my main web­site for a num­ber of years after the sad demise of User­Land Fron­tier, before final­ly replac­ing it with nanoc around the time I moved to Austin in late 2012. It was an unusu­al prod­uct in that it was actu­al­ly bet­ter than any Mac alter­na­tive at the time (some­thing that’s usu­al­ly true only of games).

New job
Dec 8th, 2016 by Ken Hagler

I’ve just start­ed a new six-month con­tract as a pro­gram­mer with Integri­ty Dig­i­tal Solu­tions. I’m in Tem­ple for the week for train­ing, but after that I’ll be work­ing from home. It looks like it will be a pret­ty good job.

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