Questionable marketing decision
Apr 21st, 2018 by Ken Hagler

Lyft Announces It Will Make All Rides Carbon Neutral. Lyft announced it will spend millions of dollars to make all its rides carbon neutral.


The San Francisco-based ride-hailing company announced Thursday that it will pay for a range of environmentally beneficial projects to compensate for the emissions from the millions of car journeys it provides every week. The tactic, known as carbon offsets, is a way for Lyft to do something about climate change without changing its business model. [Slashdot]

So Lyft is gambling that there are more prospective customers among religious fanatics who actually care that the company they get a ride from is buying indulgences than there are among sane people who don’t want to pay extra for a ride to pay for someone else’s religious beliefs. I’ll bet this makes Uber executives very happy.

Video of the Day
Apr 10th, 2018 by Ken Hagler

Thanks to Joel Simon, I found this hilarious video about the liberal love of tolerance and diversity:

Lots of books
Apr 9th, 2018 by Ken Hagler

I just noticed that my library has exceeded 2,000 titles (2,075, in fact). The advent of electronic books has really made a huge difference–I never would have had enough room for that many physical books, but over 1,300 of them are ebooks for my Kindle which take no room.

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