Purging unapproved opinions
August 7th, 2018 by Ken Hagler

Major Internet Platforms Ban Alex Jones. Jones is a noted conspiracy theorist and the founder of the InfoWars website and podcast. In a Monday tweet, he confirmed that Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple had completely unpublished and/or removed his professional pages and podcasts. []

It’s been well known for a while that those organizations hate anyone who’s not a liberal, and have a long history of censoring opposing viewpoints. It’s unusual for a bunch of them to get together for a coordinated purge like this, though. The most likely reason I’ve seen for it is that there’s a midterm election coming up, and the liberals are afraid of the very large Infowars audience being exposed to unapproved thoughts. For those who want to see what the Thought Police don’t want you to know, see the Infowars channel on BitChute.

2 Responses  
  • Hank Phillips writes:
    August 9th, 20181:41 pmat

    By “liberal” do you mean low-tariff mercantilist, 1873 Comstock Law opponent, 1933 FDR voter or present-day communist infiltrator?

  • Ken Hagler writes:
    August 9th, 201811:12 pmat

    I’m referring to the modern American usage, so I guess you could say 1933 FDR voter/present-day communist infiltrator. I’m aware that liberal once meant the opposite of what it does now, and still retains that meaning in Europe, but I’m in America so I’ll stick with the American usage.

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