July 15th, 2008 by Ken Hagler

How It Began

I created a weblog originally as a test of Radio Userland 8. I didn’t expect to make more than two or three posts before abandoning it–after all, that’s what happened with similar and Free Conversant sites. Much to my surprise, I’ve been actively posting since January 11, 2002, and I will probably continue indefinitely.

Radio was more or less abandoned years ago, and I switched to Movable Type. However, I was unable to import the posts from the old Radio weblog. I was never all that happy with Movable Type, and after a series of problems when trying to upgrade it to the latest version I finally gave up and switched to WordPress, the current software. An unexpected bonus of this was that it was possible to import most (but not all) of my old Radio posts into WordPress.

What It’s For

I’m using this weblog as a way to comment on stories that interest me, mostly having to do with computers, freedom, or photography. I don’t intend to write about my personal life, since it is (by definition) personal.

This weblog is not intended as any kind of replacement for my main web site. That site contains static information which I update rarely, and is much more focused and in-depth than a weblog.

Intended Audience

It would be fair to say that I have no particular audience in mind, because I don’t expect anyone to read this. I am a libertarian, so readers who consider themselves Christians or Progressives will probably find something to disagree with and be offended by. This weblog is for my opinions, and I don’t claim to speak for anybody else.

This site could be seen as a really complicated way of talking to myself. Of course I’d rather not see it that way! I prefer to see it as a place to share my views with the world in general, and if nobody cares (which I think likely), that’s okay.

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