Blog fixed
Mar 18th, 2016 by Ken Hagler

The problem I was having with my blog software has been fixed, thanks to MacHighway’s support people. It’s nice to do business with a company that actually cares about their customers!

Blog glitch
Mar 16th, 2016 by Ken Hagler

In the past few days something has started interfering with WordPress’s XML-RPC interface. That’s a problem because MarsEdit, the client app I use, depends on it. Although they initially denied it, my hosting provider is now admitting that it’s their fault. I’m hoping I can convince them to fix the problem.

Old theme back
Dec 15th, 2012 by Ken Hagler

I’ve gone back to the previous WordPress theme, which is called Ahimsa.

Theme Change
Dec 11th, 2012 by Ken Hagler

I’m trying out the Twenty Twelve theme that came with the WordPress 3.5 update.

Comment spam
Feb 2nd, 2012 by Ken Hagler

The Akismet plugin, which I use to block comment spam here, has a display of how much comment spam I’ve received. The amount has been going up ever since I turned commenting back on, with the total spam for January being 2,279. That’s more than twice the amount of email spam I received in the same period, despite have had the same email address (widely distributed across multiple websites) for sixteen years. I don’t really see why people would bother generating so much comment spam–I can’t even remember the last time I saw a spam comment get through to somebody’s weblog.

Blog spam
Aug 1st, 2011 by Ken Hagler

A while back I had to turn off commenting on my weblog after the anti-spam plugin I had been using stopped working with newer WordPress versions. About a month ago I started using the Akismet plugin, which made it possible to turn commenting back on. One of the features of Akismet is a display of total spam and total real comments over time, and according to that display for the month of July (the first full month that I used it) my weblog received 489 spam comments and two real comments.

WordPress glitch
May 31st, 2011 by Ken Hagler

Over the weekend my weblog, which is handled by WordPress 3.1.3, stopped responding–any attempt to load a page in the weblog or the administration panel resulted in a blank page. A bit of Googling turned up that this is a known problem called a “white screen of death” which affects WordPress and has multiple causes. Fortunately, I was able to fix it by renaming my plugins folder to “pluginsoff,” at which point I could log into the administrative interface (with all my plugins disabled). After that, changing the name of the folder back to “plugins” restored everything to normal function.

My best guess is that the WPtouch plugin, which I had updated shortly before I noticed the problem, either didn’t like being updated or got corrupted somehow. I’m not sure I’ll bother with further investigation, since the plugin is meant to show a nice iPhone/iPod Touch-friendly version when my weblog is viewed from those devices, and I haven’t really used my iPod for anything but listening to music since I bought an iPad.

Radio Weblog posts imported
Nov 6th, 2008 by Ken Hagler

I finally got around to solving the problem that interfered with importing the posts from my old Radio UserLand weblog when I switched software. The import wasn’t perfect–I had to delete a whole bunch of duplicates. There are also some formatting oddities with the imported posts. Radio didn’t require titles for posts, so all the imported posts now have titles automatically generated from the first few words of the post’s content, and also block quotes were broken in the original export and came through as “bq” in front of a regular paragraph of text.

To tag or not to tag
Oct 31st, 2008 by Ken Hagler

I’m trying out the “tags” feature of WordPress as an experiment.

Theme reversion
Oct 12th, 2008 by Ken Hagler

I ended up going back to the previous (Mac-like) theme, because the orange theme gave me a headache.

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