How did it become acceptable f…
Feb 23rd, 2010 by Ken Hagler

How did it become accept­able for (alleged­ly) human males to hoot and screech like a bunch of baboons when they get excit­ed?

There’s nothing like waiting f…
Feb 22nd, 2010 by Ken Hagler

There’s noth­ing like wait­ing for a bus while a drunk­en bum vom­its near­by. Thanks, Chief Brat­ton, for chas­ing them out of Skid Row.

I noticed that most Twitter cl…
Feb 21st, 2010 by Ken Hagler

I noticed that most Twit­ter clients didn’t like my 4×5 pro­file pho­to, so I squashed it a bit to make it square.

Seen on a new café: “organic c…
Feb 21st, 2010 by Ken Hagler

Seen on a new café: “organ­ic cof­fee.” I sup­pose inor­gan­ic cof­fee would be mud?

My company’s Microsoft mail se…
Dec 3rd, 2009 by Ken Hagler

My company’s Microsoft mail serv­er has been flak­ing out all day, so I’m using the time to get acquaint­ed with Google Wave. Thanks, IT guys!

@sethdill By going into politi…
Oct 29th, 2009 by Ken Hagler

@sethdill By going into pol­i­tics?

There are times, late at night…
Oct 27th, 2009 by Ken Hagler

There are times, late at night, when I wish my upstairs neigh­bors would let their herd of ele­phants stand in one place. Delibar s…
Oct 24th, 2009 by Ken Hagler Delibar seems pret­ty neat.

Cable modem outages are really…
Aug 4th, 2009 by Ken Hagler

Cable modem out­ages are real­ly annoy­ing, espe­cial­ly when it’s the mid­dle of the day and you work from home.

Seen on a bumper sticker: Bewa…
Jun 17th, 2009 by Ken Hagler

Seen on a bumper stick­er: Beware of invis­i­ble cows.

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