Twitter’s new rules supposedly going into effect
Dec 18th, 2017 by Ken Hagler

The Twitter Rules. You also may not affiliate with organizations that — whether by their own statements or activity both on and off the platform — use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes. We will begin enforcing this rule around affiliation with such organizations on December 18, 2017. []

Supposedly this new Twitter rule will be going into effect today, with people who violate it having their accounts banned. However, this is obviously not going to happen. If it did, every account associated with any government would be banned, as would anyone affiliated with any government (including employees and businesses that do business with governments). Since this covers not just activity but statements, mainstream media sources such as the New York Times and CNN would also be banned.

But of course this is Twitter, so they’ll actually just be banning people who aren’t sufficiently enthusiastic Social Justice Warriors, because anything that makes a pinko sad is literally violence.

How did it become acceptable f…
Feb 23rd, 2010 by Ken Hagler

How did it become acceptable for (allegedly) human males to hoot and screech like a bunch of baboons when they get excited?

There’s nothing like waiting f…
Feb 22nd, 2010 by Ken Hagler

There’s nothing like waiting for a bus while a drunken bum vomits nearby. Thanks, Chief Bratton, for chasing them out of Skid Row.

I noticed that most Twitter cl…
Feb 21st, 2010 by Ken Hagler

I noticed that most Twitter clients didn’t like my 4×5 profile photo, so I squashed it a bit to make it square.

Seen on a new cafe: “organic c…
Feb 21st, 2010 by Ken Hagler

Seen on a new cafe: “organic coffee.” I suppose inorganic coffee would be mud?

My company’s Microsoft mail se…
Dec 3rd, 2009 by Ken Hagler

My company’s Microsoft mail server has been flaking out all day, so I’m using the time to get acquainted with Google Wave. Thanks, IT guys!

@sethdill By going into politi…
Oct 29th, 2009 by Ken Hagler

@sethdill By going into politics?

There are times, late at night…
Oct 27th, 2009 by Ken Hagler

There are times, late at night, when I wish my upstairs neighbors would let their herd of elephants stand in one place. Delibar s…
Oct 24th, 2009 by Ken Hagler Delibar seems pretty neat.

Cable modem outages are really…
Aug 4th, 2009 by Ken Hagler

Cable modem outages are really annoying, especially when it’s the middle of the day and you work from home.

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