Cops get away with murder yet again
Dec 8th, 2017 by Ken Hagler

Arizona Cop Acquitted for Killing Man Crawling Down Hotel Hallway While Begging for His Life. Arizona jurors watched the video below, which shows former Mesa, Arizona, police officer Philip Mitchell Brailsford shooting and killing a man who was begging for his life and attempting to follow the officer’s orders to crawl down a hotel hallway.

Yesterday, the jurors found Brailsford not guilty of second-degree murder and reckless manslaughter.

The incident occurred in January 2016. Daniel Shaver apparently was showing off a pellet gun, and it was visible through the hotel room window. This prompted somebody to call to the hotel front desk, which prompted a call to the police. [Hit & Run]

It’s perfectly legal to carry real guns either openly or concealed in Arizona, to say nothing of a pellet gun in a temporary residence. Of course, cops don’t care about the law.

On hypocrisy
Dec 16th, 2012 by Ken Hagler

God Damn You, America, and Your White, Privileged Grief [Once Upon a Time…]

An excellent (if typically long-winded) article on the rather disgusting displays of hypocrisy and narcissism in response to the recent murders in Connecticut. Let’s not forget that the very same people who today are claiming to be oh-so-upset about a couple dozen murders were, just over a month ago, actively and enthusiastically endorsing the mass slaughter of many hundreds of times as many people by the vile, monstrous tyrant who rules in Mordor on the Potomac (and this includes the people who voted for his phony “opponent,” who made it clear that he would do the same things).

Interesting perspective
Jun 2nd, 2011 by Ken Hagler

UK art destroyed in Libya attack. Thirteen works of art owned by the government are thought to have been destroyed in attacks on the British embassy in Libyan capital Tripoli. [BBC News]

From the article:

Crowds attacked foreign missions in Tripoli after a Nato air strike killed members of Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi’s family.

The UK is, as a puppet state ruled by Washington, is part of NATO. No mention anywhere in the article of how many of the Libyan leader’s family members were killed, or whether family members of some or all of the angry crowd might possibly have been killed by British bombs. I guess the BBC has the same attitude that we see so much in the US: if they’re not citizens of the Evil Empire, they aren’t really people and their lives don’t count.

Some perspective
Jan 12th, 2011 by Ken Hagler

Did you know that six people were murdered in a brutal attack just a few days ago? The answer is almost certainly “no,” because the attack I’m referring to happened in a foreign country, and the only U.S. Government officials involved were the ones who ordered it and carried it out.

Gang violence
Nov 5th, 2009 by Ken Hagler

Why The Innocent Flee From The Police. Each encounter between the police and innocent civilians is a potentially deadly experience for the latter. Thus the real question is not “Why do innocent people flee from the police?” but rather, “What rational person would submit to the police if he had any reasonable hope of eluding or resisting them?” [Pro Libertate]

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss
Feb 3rd, 2009 by Ken Hagler

The More Things Change… Part IV.

Posting from: Philipsburg, MT

Number of civilians killed in Iraq since Obama took office: 41
Reference: Iraq Body Count database

Number of coalition forces killed in Iraq since Obama took office: 8
Reference: DoD Confirmation list hosted by

The above numbers aren’t even necessarily up to date due to the lag in gathering and verifying data before reporting it, but it’s pretty clear that we’re not doing very well at leaving. Imagine what 16 months worth of this is going to look like. And that’s assuming the highly unlikely best-case scenario that Obama has been trying to weasel out of since he threw down that deadline.

And that’s just Iraq. What about Afghanistan? Pakistan?

How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?

Yesterday in Iraq, Barack Obama’s responsibly leaving army blockaded a village, invaded a family home at 2:00 in the morning, and gunned down a mother and father in the bed they shared with their 9 year old daughter. (The girl, besides being orphaned, was also wounded by the gunfire.)

On Friday, in Afghanistan, Barack Obama’s army forged peace by trooping into Laghman province, surrounding houses in a village, and then launching a raid where they killed 16 civilians — 2 women, 3 children, and 11 men — with gunfire and precision bombs dropped from planes.

On Friday, in Pakistan, Barack Obama’s army forged peace by firing missiles repeatedly into houses in several villages in the Waziristan region. Barack Obama’s missiles killed twenty-two people, about 15 of them civilians and at least 3 of them children. The idea was to help create the conditions for a lasting peace.

Every one of these deaths is blood on Barack Obama’s hands. Every one of these people who were killed, were killed on Barack Obama’s orders and in the name of his war policy. Because Obama wants to wash his hands of the United States government’s war on Iraq and its war on Afghanistan, every day that he delays getting out, completely — delays getting out in the name of exit strategies and central fronts and responsibility — which is to say, delays that happen because he is still convinced that, with the right sort of gradualist policy, he can somehow try to win wars that should never have been fought — is another person who is killed so that Barack Obama, after being elected as a peace candidate, can adopt and prolong the collossal, catastrophic mistakes of a disastrous failure of a predecessor, so that he won’t come off as being soft on national defense.

I am impressed. Obama seems to be expanding the United States’ mess beyond where Bush left it. And yet this man was elected in large part on the support of those who want these wars to end.

Please. Please. Please. Think about how this happened. Enough with the feel-good dramatics. It is well past time to THINK.

[Enjoy Every Sandwich]

A bit of reality for those fools who believed that the canonization inauguration of Saint Barack the Obamessiah was going to change anything about the realities of the Evil Empire.

Woman suing police mysteriously shot
Nov 11th, 2008 by Ken Hagler

Homicide Victim Identified as Transgendered Person, Duanna Johnson. According to detectives, when officers arrived at the scene, they found the body lying in the street. Police say a witness heard gunfire and then saw three people running away from the scene. Investigators do not have any suspects at this time.


Johnson was the subject of an alleged video taped beating that happened in June of 2008. Johnson, who had been arrested on a prostitution charge, said former Memphis Police Officer Bridges McRae beat her after making derogatory remarks about her sexuality. Johnson said another man, Officer J. Swain, held her down during the beating. Both officers were fired from the department.

Johnson was suing the city for $1.3 million.

Memphis Police are asking anyone with information about Duanna Johnson’s death to call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH. [ABC24 – CW30 Eyewitness News]

Gee, I can think of some pretty obvious suspects with 1.3 million motives right now, but somehow I doubt that the police will be too interested in investigating. I sure hope that if anyone does have information, they’re smart enough to go far from Memphis and then call the media and not the prime suspects.

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