Cops get away with murder yet again
Dec 8th, 2017 by Ken Hagler

Arizona Cop Acquitted for Killing Man Crawling Down Hotel Hallway While Begging for His Life. Arizona jurors watched the video below, which shows former Mesa, Arizona, police officer Philip Mitchell Brailsford shooting and killing a man who was begging for his life and attempting to follow the officer’s orders to crawl down a hotel hallway.

Yesterday, the jurors found Brailsford not guilty of second-degree murder and reckless manslaughter.

The incident occurred in January 2016. Daniel Shaver apparently was showing off a pellet gun, and it was visible through the hotel room window. This prompted somebody to call to the hotel front desk, which prompted a call to the police. [Hit & Run]

It’s perfectly legal to carry real guns either openly or concealed in Arizona, to say nothing of a pellet gun in a temporary residence. Of course, cops don’t care about the law.

Apparently his message was heard
Sep 8th, 2016 by Ken Hagler

Ferguson Activist Darren Seals Found Shot and Dead in Burning Car in St. Louis. 29-year-old activist Darren Seals was found dead in a burning car in the Riverview section of St. Louis this week, as the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. Seals became an anti-gun violence activist after being shot in 2013, and in 2014 was among the first protesters in Ferguson, according to the Washington Post.

Seals helped found the group Hands Up United and was a vocal opponent of African-Americans voting Democrat as a bloc. “Just because they’ve got the D next to their name, that don’t mean nothing,” Seals told the Washington Post in 2014. “The world is watching us right now. It’s time to send a message of our power.” [Hit & Run)]

The danger of sending messages like that in a police state is that the people in charge might actually get the message and decide to send back one of their own.

Cops being cops
Apr 11th, 2016 by Ken Hagler

Law enforcement took more stuff from people than burglars did last year. Here’s an interesting factoid about contemporary policing: In 2014, for the first time ever, law enforcement officers took more property from American citizens than burglars did. Martin Armstrong pointed this out at his blog, Armstrong Economics, last week. [Washington Post]

I remember when bandits in uniforms were something you read about being a problem in particularly nasty third world hellholes. This also reminded me of the Utah study that found that you’re more likely to be murdered by the police than by (private sector) street criminals.

Lucky woman escapes the legal system
Mar 8th, 2016 by Ken Hagler

Jury Acquits Woman Arrested for Protecting Her Dog From a Cop. [Hit & Run]

There are a few noteworthy things in this story. First, there’s this quote:

…[the cop] “testified that he was not afraid of the dog, but was following training that required him to kill all dogs that approach him, even if it was chained and wagging its tail as Buddy was doing in this case.”

It’s been obvious for years that this is the case, but I’ve never heard of a cop actually admitting it in public before. Then there’s this:

Hupp told PINAC her case hinged on her husband’s video, which they did not have for weeks after the incident because Cook confiscated the phone, which he was unable to access because it was protected by a password.

When the Evil Empire insists that it needs to be able to break into your phone at will in order to convict criminals, this is exactly what they mean.

Crimethink must be punished
Feb 29th, 2016 by Ken Hagler

Child Faces Criminal Charges After Using Weapon Emojis on Instagram. A Virginia 12-year-old faces criminal harassment charges after posting an Instagram message that said “meet me in the library Tuesday” followed by gun, knife, and bomb emojis. [Hit & Run]

The charges are a smokescreen. What this girl is really being persecuted for is thoughtcrime, for using an emoji of a gun. They don’t have to actually get a conviction, just send a message to show the other peasants what will happen to them. If they didn’t, people might escalate to more serious thoughctrimes like drawing pictures of guns with their crayons, or even something truly unforgivable like pointing their fingers and saying “bang.” By going after one girl, no matter the outcome, they’ve given the other inmates of their government school a powerful lesson on why they should “exercise [themselves] in crimestop.”

Another good cop
Feb 2nd, 2016 by Ken Hagler

The one thing that will get a cop fired. So Park knew the law. His supervisor didn’t. But Park’s supervisor ordered him to make an illegal arrest. Park refused. You can probably guess who got fired.


I guess the lesson for Georgia police officers here is that you can shoot unarmed suspects in the back. You can gun down an innocent pastor. You can kill an innocent man in his own home during a botched drug raid. You can blow a hole in a baby’s chest during another botched drug raid. You can repeatedly abuse inmates after strapping them into a restraint chair. You can go to the wrong house, then shoot an innocent man and kill his dog.

But never, ever embarrass your fellow police officers. [The Washington Post]

Occasionally I find a story about a good cop. Sadly, those stories invariably include the fact that the good cop is no longer a cop, precisely because he or she was a good cop.

More “justice” in the Evil Empire
Oct 19th, 2015 by Ken Hagler

Man sentenced to 21 months after “test firing” laser at sheriff’s helicopter. A California man was sentenced Monday to one year and nine months in prison for firing a green laser at a Kern County Sheriff’s helicopter. [Ars Technica]

So the sentence for annoying a cop is 21 months. Keep in mind that a few months ago another California cop was sentenced to five months for beating a man to death, and the unusual thing about that was that she was punished at all.

Our legal system at work
Jul 24th, 2015 by Ken Hagler

LAPD cop gets 3 years in jail for beating suspect caught on dashcam (Via Ars Technica)

From the article:

The 35-year-old victim, Alesia Thomas, died later that July evening.


Superior Court Judge Sam Ohta suspended 20 months from the 36-month sentence. With good behavior, that means the officer could be released in five months.

So to put it honestly, the cop did not receive 3 years in jail for beating a suspect, she got five months in jail for murder. Sadly, that short sentence is not a surprise–it’s both obvious and well-known that all aspects of the legal system work together to protect cops from punishment for their misdeeds. What’s most surprising about this case is that she got any jail time for committing murder, as the usual punishment is a paid vacation.

Evil Empire hates free speech
Jun 11th, 2015 by Ken Hagler

Lately the monsters who rule the Evil Empire from Mordor on the Potomac have been working overtime to demonstrate their hatred of the First Amendment. Just in the past few days I’ve read about the government hunting for political dissidents angry with the scum who presided over political prisoner Ross Ulbricht’s show trial, threatening political dissidents who talk about guns, and imprisoning a political dissident for writing about how to donate money to an organization that the Evil Empire helped to create, but now opposes.

I’m not particularly good at writing, so I’ll show my opinion of all this with the following quotes. I completely agree with all of these quotes.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.

Thomas Jefferson

And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

John F. Kennedy

Attack on free speech
Jan 9th, 2015 by Ken Hagler

Recently there was a horrible crime committed, where armed men committed murder because somebody said something that offended them. This has led to worldwide condemnation of the attackers and support for the victim… Oh, wait. Actually, nobody cares at all about the murder of Joseph Pacini, because his killers were wearing clown suits and didn’t follow the wrong religion.

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