General Galaxy VF-22S Sturmvogel

(aka Bluegazer)

VF-22S firing missiles

Mekton Zeta play stats

Name                    Weight          Cost
VF-22S Sturmvogel       9.3t            2431

Configuration   MV  MR  Land MA     Flight MA
Battroid        +2      8 (90mph)   60 (Mach 10)
Gerwalk         +2      8 (90mph)   90 (Mach 23.1)
Fighter         +2      ---------   120 (Mach 41.7)

Flight in Atmosphere:
                                    10,000 m          30,000 m
Battroid                            20 (672 mph)      20 (672 mph)
Gerwalk                             21 (753 mph)      21 (753 mph)
Fighter                             44 (Mach 5.2)     89 (Mach 22.6)

                                Power Plant XS: 5
MECHA COMBAT SKILLS             Plant in Torso
Mecha Piloting  +MR=            Desert, space, reentry protection
Mecha Fighting  +MR=            Transform: fighter, hybrid, efficient
Mecha Melee     +MR=            +2 MV Verniers
Mecha Gunnery   +MR=            ACE +100% MP
Mecha Missiles  +MR=            Stealth
                                Cloak (all but Mag. rfrct, no visual cloak)

ServoModule CA-SP   CA-DC   CA-AbC  SP  DC  AbC Kills   Add+
Torso                               6   4       14
Head                                4   4       6
Left Arm                            4   4       7       +1
Right Arm                           4   4       7       +1
Left Leg                            6   4       7       +2
Right Leg                           6   4       7       +2
Left Wing                           3   4       5
Right Wing                          3   4       5

Movement System Loc Kills       Sensors Main    Backup
Thruster (58MA) T   0           Loc     Torso   Head
								Range   20km    1km
								Comm    1800km  300km
                                Kills   2       2
Weapon          WA  Range   Damage  Shots   Kills   Loc Notes
Left Hand       +0  Melee   1+1K    na      1       LA  Quick, Handy
Right Hand      +0  Melee   1+1K    na      1       RA  Quick, Handy
AA Laser        +1  5       2K      inf.    2       H   BV3
L. Arm Laser    +1  8       4K      inf.    4       LA  BV3, crosslinked
R. Arm Laser    +1  8       4K      inf.    4       RA  BV3, AM-variable
L. Dorsal Lnchr +0  11      4K      16      4       T   linked
R. Dorsal Lnchr +0  11      4K      16      4       T   linked
L. Vntrl Lnchr  +0  11      4K      16      4       T   linked
R. Vntrl Lnchr  +0  11      4K      16      4       T   linked
GV-17L gun pod  1+1 6       3K              3       1-H BV6, Phalanx Var.
 AP Tracer ammo             AP      20      8           AP, Tracer
GV-17L gun pod  1+1 6       3K              3       1-H BV6, Phalanx Var.
 AP Tracer ammo             AP      20      8           AP, Tracer

Cockpit     # Crew  Type    Enc.    Options
Torse       1       Screen  Canopy  Escape Pod
Subassemblies                       Loc     Kills
Liftwire                            T
Antitheft Code Lock                 T
Spotlights                          H
Storage Module                      T
Weapon Mounts (for gun in fighter)  T
3 Hardpoints (Internal Bays)		T

Shield      DA  SP  DC  AbC Loc     Notes
Standard    -3  5   4       LA
Standard    -3  5   4       RA
Reactive    +0  8           T       Offensive, doesn’t reset

Roleplaying Notes

VF-22S fighter mode

Specs for the Sturmvogel are available from Egan Loo’s Macross Compendium.

The VF-22 has lower speeds for use in atmosphere from ground to 10,000 meters and from 10,000 to 30,000 meters. The flight MA reflects speeds possible from 30,000 meters to space. The structure of the fighter simply can’t stand up to any more speed in the atmosphere.

The three hardpoints are actually internal weapons bays. Each is large enough to accomodate a large missile (or presumably several smaller weapons), but any weapons carried will add to the cost of the fighter and decrease its maneuverability.

The only weapons seen deployed from these bays in Macross 7 are long range corvette scale missiles with nuclear warheads. However, UN Spacy authorizes the use of reaction weapons only in dire emergencies. I don’t recommend using anything that powerful. Besides, even with conventional warheads missiles that big should be able to mess up a Varauta frigate!

Design Notes

There are also several design issues common to all variable fighters.