Enemy Battlesuit

Battlesuit firing missiles

Mekton Zeta play stats

Name                    Weight          Cost
Enemy Battlesuit        33.5t           444.3

Configuration   MV  MR  Land MA     Flight MA
Battlesuit      -1      5 (56mph)   48 (Mach 6.2)

                                Power Plant XS: 5
MECHA COMBAT SKILLS             Desert, space protection
Mecha Piloting  +MR=            +2 MV Verniers
Mecha Fighting  +MR=            ACE +67% MP
Mecha Melee     +MR=
Mecha Gunnery   +MR=
Mecha Missiles  +MR=

ServoModule CA-SP   CA-DC   CA-AbC  SP  DC  AbC Kills   Add+
Torso                               2   1       12
Head                                1   1       1
Left Arm                            1   1       5       +1
Right Arm                           1   1       5       +1
Left Leg                            1   1       7       +1
Right Leg                           1   1       7       +1

Movement System Loc Kills       Sensors Main    Backup
T. Thrst (24MA) T               Loc     Torso   Head
L. Thrst (12MA) LL              Range   7km     1km
R. Thrst (12MA) RL              Comm    1000km  300km
                                Kills   1       2
Weapon          WA  Range   Damage  Shots   Kills   Loc Notes
Left Hand       +0  Melee   1+1K    na      1       LA  Quick, Handy
Right Hand      +0  Melee   1+1K    na      1       RA  Quick, Handy
L. Part. Beam   +1  7       5K      inf.    5       LA  BV5, P-beams linked
R. Part. Beam   +1  7       5K      inf.    5       RA  BV5, P-beams linked
Impact Cannon   +0  6       3K              3       T   BV4
 AP Ammo                    AP      10      1       T   AP
Grenade Lnchr   -2  5       5K              5       T
 Grenades                           10              T   Blast 1
Antipers. Laser +0  3       2K      inf.    2       T   Antipersonnel Var.
Missile Lnchr   +0  8       3K      128     26      T

Cockpit     # Crew  Type            Enc.    Options
4T, 2 ea L. 1       screen, slave   Armored 
Subassemblies                       Loc     Kills

Roleplaying Notes

This is the battlesuit that appears at the very beginning of Macross Plus. This design is more opinion than anything, since no concrete information is available on this mecha. Even the identity of its owners is unclear. The Macross Plus This Is Animation book calls it Teki no Batorusuutsu – or, “Enemy Battlesuit.” Not exactly informative.

For my own use in a campaign I’m working on, I’ve chosen to call this the Inspection Army’s version of a Queadlunn Rau (Miria’s battlesuit from the original series). Who really uses it is anyone’s guess, but one thing is fairly clear from the design – it is some sort of Queadlunn Rau variation.

An alternate interpretation is provided by Dave Dietrich in his Macross Mecha Page. His theory is that the suit is of unknown origin, and is being supplied to various renegades and pirates who have reason to fight the UN Spacy. He also theorizes that the suit is derived from the Zentradi Nousjadel-Ger (male power armor).

Design Notes

The original design goal was to make this roughly comparable in combat effectiveness to the VF-11. The original design I’d playtested enough to be satisfied with the result. However, the original VF-11 design had an autofire gunpod, and there’s no autofire in Mekton Zeta. I haven’t yet had time to test the new versions to see if this upsets the balance too much.