Zentradi Esbeliben Regult Battle Pod

Mekton Zeta play stats

Name                    Weight          Cost
Regult                  38t             58.9

Configuration   MV  MR  Land MA     Flight MA (space only)
Pod             -3      5 (57 mph)  6 (67 mph)

                                Power Plant XS: 5
MECHA COMBAT SKILLS             Space protection
Mecha Piloting  +MR=
Mecha Fighting  +MR=
Mecha Melee     +MR=
Mecha Gunnery   +MR=
Mecha Missiles  +MR=

ServoModule CA-SP   CA-DC   CA-AbC  SP  DC  AbC Kills   Add+
Torso                               5   0       10
L. Leg                              2   0       4       +1
R. Leg                              2   0       4       +1

Movement System Loc Kills       Sensors Main
Thrusters (6MA) T               Loc     T
                                Range   2km
                                Comm    500km
                                Kills   1
Weapon          WA  Range   Damage  Shots   Kills   Loc Notes
L. Etrn. Beam   0   7       5K      inf.    1       T   Electron beam lnkd,
R. Etrn. Beam   0   7       5K      inf.    1       T   Fragile
L. AP cannon    -1  2       2K              2       T   BV2, AP lnkd
R. AP cannon    -1  2       2K              2       T   BV2, AP lnkd
  Cannon ammo                       20      4       T
L. AA Laser     +1  6       2K      inf.    2       T   AA Lasers linked
R. AA Laser     +1  6       2K      inf.    2       T   AA Lasers linked

Cockpit     # Crew  Type    Enc.    Options
10 T        1       Screen  Armored
Subassemblies                       Loc     Kills
Weapon linkages

Roleplaying Notes

Specs for the Regult are available from Egan Loo’s Macross Compendium.

The Regult is the basic Zentradi combat unit. There are missile carrier and scout variants, but this version is the most common Zentradi mecha. Since the Regult has been in production for almost 300,000 years, there are quite a few of them around.

A single Regult pod is not especially effective, and would be hopelessly outclassed by any variable fighter. They rely on numbers to be effective – while a UN Spacy carrier might have two or three hundred variable fighters at most, any Zentradi warship will have thousands of Regults.

Design Notes

Since Zentradi are “Mekton scale” themselves, I used the roadstriker scale rules for cockpits – ten spaces are set aside for a Zentradi pilot with up to body type 10.

This design trades four kills for eight spaces in the torso and uses the weight inefficiency to get the weight and durability to come out right. Credit for this approach goes to William R. Hutton.