Active Stealth System

UN Spacy Variable Fighter Technology

Cost Multiplier system, cost x1.05

The Active Stealth system is a very high-tech device introduced in Macross Plus. When in use, it renders the fighter in which it is mounted invisible to all forms of non-visual detection. As of 2046, only the VF-19 Excalibur and the VF-22 Bluegazer use this system.

In game terms, mecha using the Active Stealth systems can’t normally be detected by Spotting Radar. They are also undetectable by sensors beyond visual range. Visual range will vary somewhat depending on conditions, but will be a few kilometers at most. Most fighters using Active Stealth are painted in dark colors, making it impossible to spot them in space or at night beyond one kilometer (20 hexes). Active Stealth does not interfere in any way with a mecha’s own sensors.

It is possible for a large number of sensors working in concert to burn through the Active Stealth sytem’s protection. The details of this are up to the Gamemaster, but keep in mind that the entire Earth defense network only had about a 50/50 chance of detecting Isamu’s YF-19.

An Active Stealth system only affects the mecha itself. It does not affect anything else. For example, a fighter with Active Stealth can be detected during atmospheric reentry by the shockwave of its passage, which shows up on radar. A fighter travelling near the ground at supersonic speed kicks up debris as it passes, especially over snow or water.

Active Stealth is most effective when attacking a known position. The fighters that use it can fly so fast that the first warning defenders have will be impacting missiles, followed by the sonic boom of the passing fighter. On the down side, it does very little good when fighting defensively.

The cost of this system is basically the cost of stealth, plus the relevant cloaking technology, minus a small amount to account for not affecting vision.