Programming Stuff

I have several projects on GitHub:

Quick fix for Daenerys's liberation quest in the CK2 Game of Thrones mod.
khagler/boto (Fork)
Python interface to Amazon Web Services
BBEdit language module for Clausewitz engine files
Python script to assist with Diceware passphrase generation.
khagler/envinject-plugin (Fork)
Applescript for generating reports of the week's tasks from OmniFocus.
khagler/grails-doc (Fork)
Documentation Project For The Grails Web Application Framework
khagler/human-markdown-reference (Fork)
A multilingual human-readable Markdown reference you can include in your projects.
A CK2 submod for When the World Stopped Making Sense, expanding the available Roman legions.
khagler/macoslib (Fork)
MacOSLib - a set of classes to use OS X specific functions in Real Studio / Xojo applications
Custom style for Marked, a Markdown preview app on the Mac.
khagler/Mythos2 (Fork)
Revival and continuation of the original Mythos mod
nanoc source for my personal web site.
khagler/simplekey (Fork)
Compatible shell scripts to make GnuPG more accessible and easier to use.
An app to convert a price in fiat currency to a price in sound money (gold, silver, bitcoin).
khagler/text-editing (Fork)
khagler/WtWSMS (Fork)
A Migrational Era Mod for CK2

I also have an account on Bitbucket, although so far there are no public projects there. There's also a very old section of this site dedicated to Userland Frontier, although I haven't actually done anything with Frontier since around 2001.

Most of my programming work has been on internal tools for past employers, so I can't show any of it (or even talk about it in much detail). The most noteworthy project I've worked on, at Symantec, was the Python Build System, which consisted of about 3,250 lines of code in six Python classes. I put it through a major overhaul which finished in 2012, as large portions of it were written in 2002 when I was just learning Python. It was used by over half of Symantec's consumer products.

In 2012 I noticed that when searching the web for the solution to a programming-related problem, the answer quite often appeared on Stack Overflow. I spent some time looking over the site, and now spend a fair amount of time there:
profile for khagler at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers