Mekton Zeta Designs

Welcome to my Mekton design page. The mecha designs presented here are in a text form based on the play sheet from Mekton Zeta. Most of these designs are from Macross, but some designs from Gundam are being added. Macross designs are grouped according to their first significant appearance.

Chou Jikuu Yousai Macross

Flashback 2012

Macross Plus and Macross 7

Macross MTS Systems

Gundam Designs

If you're looking for other Mekton info, take a look at The Mekton Bastion.

For the best source of general information on the Macross Universe, see Egan Loo’s Macross Compendium. This has been one of my primary sources of information for these mecha designs, along with my copy of This is Animation Special: Macross Plus.

If you’re interested in seeing stats for these mecha in another RPG system, see Dave Deitrich’s Macross Mecha Page. I’ve used some of his scans and screenshots here, and the missile payloads of my designs are based on his (there being little “official” information on missile load).

I use a ClarisWorks 4 spreadsheet to design mecha. Anyone with a Mac (or anything else that can read ClarisWorks files) is welcome to download it.